Interesting approach to native advertising that actually works revealed

NEW YORK, NY – 3 Mar, 2016 – A company out of New York is forging the way for a new method of ‘native advertising’ that actually works. The media company started as a New York based talk show, interviewing different interesting guest that are making the world a better place. The show quickly grew to being distributed in four markets on television, four radio networks and multiple online partnerships including and many others, accessing millions each week.

The platform has presented a very interesting approach for brands and products to be seamlessly showcased to the viewers. In a day and age where we are ininduated with stimulation every second of the day, this is a process that works. From product mentions on air, to creating shows featuring large brands it allows for a unique type of sponsorship. One recent episode shows how viewerd can turn a New York closet into a nursery, partnering with a major brand to donate the products. Another has the show opening, given by a Tweebot, which is a voice command robot that can play music, read e-mails, post on socal media and much more.

“We immediately saw the value of working with a media agency like BONBON Networks, LLC and theASKBONBON Show. They have the ability to deliver “native advertising” showcasing products being used, and in a creative and unique way that the viewers respond to. As a new company with unique products that are not available other places, and a model that allows people to earn while they shop, we felt this was the best way to educate others on our brand.” – Margaret Wang, CEO Tweebaa

“Due to the fact that we are multi-platform, we have a unique ability to deliver exposure that would not otherwise be possible. In the example of and their Tweebot, I have the ability to bring exposure with multiple speaking engagements I am booked for, including an event this weekend at the United Nations. By giving away a Tweebot, as the host of the show, we create unique options that previously did not exist. This is of course in addition to distributing on all of our media platforms. In addition, the power of our community, made up of the 300+ guests that have been on the show this last year, we have a cumilative reach that is extraordinary,” says Bonnie Bruderer, CEO.

theASKBONBON Show has large scal plans to increase the distribution globally in Q2 of this year, as an attendee of the MIPDOC media event in Cannes, France. “Our goal is to work with more large scale crands and agencies, while creating amazing content that inspires the viewer,” said Bruderer.

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