Anglers Act Fast– FishHunter Introduces the NEW FishHunter PRO


FishHunter Inc. the global leader in wireless portable fish finders, launches its latest and fastest wireless, fish finder, the FishHunter PRO. FishHunter PRO is the world’s only tri-frequency wireless, fish finder for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.  This completely portable wireless fish finder, can find fish to 150ft of depth and gives you more than 150ft of casting range using WIFI.

FishHunter PRO provides record breaking fast and precise sonar information conveniently to your phone/tablet due to its tri-frequency transducer, which is operating at 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz respectfully. Become the pro with the power to reach and analyze bottom structure, and find fish up to a depth of 150 feet in both fresh and salt water, right on your smartphone or tablet.

The launch of the FishHunter PRO, follows the very successful launch late last year of the World’s Most Powerful wireless, fish finder, the FishHunter Directional 3D.

The FishHunter PRO is compatible with over 7,000 IOS and Android smartphones and tablets and does not require cellular data or internet connection. FishHunter PRO provides anglers with three amazing view options to optimize their fishing experience and catch more fish:

  1. RAW View: gives you the raw data from the sonar in real time. In this view, you become the expert by interpreting the sonar data yourself to see depth and bottom structure, while watching for fish arches in the water column to locate fish.
  2. FISH View: is our custom view that provides a more simplified display so you can easily and quickly see fish, weeds and the bottom structure. When fish are detected, a fish icon is displayed right on the screen at its depth and relative size.
  3. Ice Fishing Flasher View: detects fish in your ice hole and enables you to see your jig in real time so you can time the perfect catch. The sonar floats on the surface of the water and can withstand temperatures as cold as -22oC.

“This is the fastest wireless fish finder ever created and we are excited to be launching it just in time for the busy spring fishing season. Said Michael Smith, company CEO. “FishHunter PRO delivers on a fisherman’s need to have immediate and quick access about the bottom contour and where the fish are hiding. Of course making sure that that it still fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you want to fish, was critical to our design plan.” 

The FishHunter PRO is now available in North America, UK, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and France for iOS and Android users. It can be purchased online for $199.99USD on the website

About FishHunter:

Inspired by people that love fishing, FishHunter embraces the challenge of making technology that can enhance the fishing experience. FishHunter Inc. is the world’s leader in wireless, portable, fish finders, with FishHunter Directional 3D, The Worlds Most Powerful wireless, fish finder–FishHunter Military and now FishHunter PRO, the world’s fastest wireless, Fish Finder.

With offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and Seoul and more than 75,000 downloads of their FishHunter 3.0 app, FishHunterhas become North America’s #1 wireless, portable fish finder company.

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