ProMug reveals the benefits of having a stainless steel drinks mug

4 Mar, 2016 – Imagine that you are travelling home on the motorway late at night thinking  only of reaching your family as soon as possible. Then you round a bend and  encounter your worst nightmare – an endless stream of stationary red tail  lights snaking off into the distance for as far as the eye can see. You are miles  from the next junction and as you slowly grind to a halt you realise you could  be here for hours.

Your one consolation is that next to you is a warm coffee  safely stored in your stainless steel travel mug that you made just before  leaving the office three hours ago. You lift your Promug to your lips and the  comforting warmth flows through your body making all your troubles and  frustrations seem that much less important… This is only possible because you have bought a Promug stainless steel travel  mug new product on Amazon which is able to keep your drink warm for many  hours thanks to its double walled insulation. It has a 15 ounce capacity to keep  you going on long excursions and fits almost all cup holders in different brands  of car.

However there is much more to the Promug than these basic  specifications. It comes in an elegant, smooth design with modern metallic  colours making it an original fashion statement. It is a cool accessory with its  slide bar lid making it easy to open and close and yet its tight fit means you will  never spill a drop on yourself or anyone else! Your stainless steel travel mug is  easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic handle, easy to clean and long lasting like  its contents as it comes with a five year guarantee.  

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You know how you always fancy a hot drink while driving just after you passed  that last service station? Well the problem can now be easily solved with a  stainless steel Promug allowing you to stay awake and content behind the  wheel no matter how long your journey.

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