High Quality Travelling Head Die Cutting Press Available for Cutting a Variety of Nonmetals with Ease & Efficiency

Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in the production of Travelling Head Die Cutting Press and Swing Arm Die Cutting Press that can be used in a variety of industries, involving the cutting of leather, plastics and other non-metals.

There are many industries, such as bags, shoes, sportswear and others where precise cutting of various non-metal materials is an important part of the production process. For cutting non-metals like leather and plastic, Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Company now offers quality die cutting equipment at the best prices. A company can rely on these machineries for a precise cutting of non-metals in different shapes and in varied depth and can carry out their production task with a greater efficiency and accuracy.

The company’s Cutting Press range includes computer controlled cutting system with a hydraulic travelling head that can be used in industries like shoe making and gloves making. With an automatic conveyor belt feeding and travelling head, the machine is useful for a precise cutting, reducing manual labor. This increases the productivity and reduces the production cost as well. The machine also proves important to extend the die life and maintaining the cutting quality of the materials.

The company produces the Swing Arm Die Cutting Press that ensures a stable and simple performance. The CE and ISO certified machine can be used in cutting leather, plastic, rubber or other non-metal materials. The machine is simple and safe to operate and also consumes less energy. Made of cast iron, the machine is durable and long-lasting. The machine comes with an inbuilt lubricating system that keeps the machine oiled and increases its lifecycle.

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The Travelling Head Die Cutting Press that the company offers is remarkable for its continuous cutting strength. With the ability of cutting a variety of nonmetals, the machine has its wide applications in shoes, medical supply, car interiors and other industries. The machine can be set to work on different working modes for companies to carry out custom cutting of materials. With a PLC control system, it is easy to operate the machine to carry out precise cutting of various materials.

One can learn more about these cutting machines by visiting the website www.kuntaigroup.com.cn

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Kuntai Group has been dedicated to the production and R&D of Laminating Machines and Cutting Machines for over three decades. As an industry leader, they continuously provide innovative and practical solutions to customers around the world in industries, such as textile, leather, footwear, automotive interiors, sports goods, packaging industry and so on. All employees of the company adhere to customer-centric service philosophy, which wins the trust of worldwide customers. The company serves clients as their best partner for both standard products and customized high-end solutions.

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