Inventor Creates “Tingles Beanie Headphones,” Soft Headphones Ideal for Sleeping

The world of digital music has never been more accessible than today.  Listeners can listen on their iPod/iPhone, Android phone, tablet or computer, but how they access their music has been hampered by uncomfortable headphones or cumbersome devices. A new product, “Tingles Beanie Headphones” from an inventor eliminates the need for both those access methods.  This ingenious new product allows listeners to listen comfortably to their tunes through soft yet powerful headphones which are embedded in a light and cool cotton beanie.  With “Tingles Beanie Headphones”, people who enjoy listening to their favorite songs or sounds can do so in bed without a confusing tangle of wires or irritating their partner.

“Tingles Beanie Headphones” was invented by Keith Wang when he couldn’t find headphones that allowed him to drift off to sleep comfortably.  Conventional headphones utilize hard ear plugs which can irritate the ear canal or wires which disturb the wearer.  The “Tingles Beanie Headphones” allows users to comfortably move as they normally would in sleep because the headphones is kept ergonomically in a cotton beanie on their heads.  There are no ear plugs, instead the music is transmitted by small, flat foam-covered emitters only 4 mm in thinness. The music quality remains high because the “Tingles Beanie Headphones” uses advanced driver technology, to produce crisp clear sounds. 

This astounding new device will usher in a new age of comfortable sleep for people around the world, but it still requires some work before “Tingles Beanie Headphones” can be mass marketed.  In order to fully develop, produce and distribute this remarkable new device, Keith has sponsored a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo.  Supporters of this $25,000 crowdfunding campaign will enjoy being a part of this important project and will receive valuable perks like the final version of “Tingles Beanie Headphones.”  To learn more about “Tingles Beanie Headphones” or to make a contribution, please visit

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