Joan of Arc: An Anti-Racism Film Based on a True Story

London, UK – On February 11 2016, Joan of Arc Film launched a Kickstarter campaign for Joan of Arc, a feature length film that tells the story of an Iranian artist, Oscar, who is the victim of racism and misconduct from the authorities. The film is based on the true story of Bijan Ebrahimi, a British-Iranian murdered in England in 2013. 

“When I heard what happened on the news, I was simply shocked – speechless. It was clear to me that this brutal murder was committed in the name of hatred and racism,” explains the creator, “My friends and I then decided to make a documentary about it, so we researched day and night and finally decided to go to Bristol and interview Bijan’s relatives and friends, including his sister. Finally, in 2014 the 30-minute documentary was released.”

Oscar moves to England in an attempt to locate his family after his wife decides to leave him, taking their two children. His attempt to find them is fruitless, and he is unexpectedly faced with a new phenomenon, racism. He calls upon the authorities to intervene, however, he falls victim of a severe case of misconduct. Oscar’s fate is sealed with a barbaric act of violence, driven by hate and wickedness – all of which could have been easily avoided if his calls for help had been answered. 

Now the group has turned to Kickstarter to help them fund the production of an impactful full length movie that asks us: Why hate, when you can love?

“The title comes from the fact that I believe there is a symbolic connection between Joan of Arc and Bijan,” the creator says, “Not only were they both burned, but when someone kills by burning their intention is to eliminate every trace of their enemy. Joan of Arc’s essence survived, she even became a Saint. I believe Bijan also deserves to survive and become a symbol of the daily effort that we all have to put in to stop racism.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a digital download of the finished film, the soundtrack, and an early preview of the finished trailer for £50, and more! Backers can also pledge £80 for the full digital script of the film with posters signed by the director and members of the cast or a custom printed t-shirt with an anti-racism slogan or image. Also, for those who want to make a bigger impact, there’s a chance to become an executive producer on the film for £1,500.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here or contact the creator below.

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