If Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive Today

One Man Play on the Life and Struggles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be staged at Morgan Park Academy Chicago

4 Mar, 2016 – Actor & Director Rabia Louis Haynes Portrays Martin Luther King Jr.  in a new light drama, highlighting striking similarities to current day racial inequality

Opening March 24th 2016 Chicago

The play is different than other works on this legendary figure, who inspired millions. It personifies a retrospective on the actual life and times of Dr. King and then offers an innovative insight to the audience of a 21st century Martin Luther King, depicting the issues he would face if he were alive today and how he might deal with them. The main actor of the play, Rabia Louis Haynes, has had a similar life story and the play sheds light on the strife and difficulty African Americans face growing up [even] today. 

With this cleverly presented play, ‘If Martin Luther King Jr. Was Alive Today’, Rabia conveys the struggles of countless African Americans, bound by the shackles of poverty and violence. “This play is dedicated to today’s heroes, to give them hope, inspirationand make them realize that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. But they can only get there if they work towards it. If you look at the life of Dr. King and even someone like me; through hard work, dedication and consistency anyone can turn their life around,” states Rabia. 

Rabia Louis Haynes (60 years old) is a Chicago-born actor, producer and director who grew up in the notorious “South-Side” of Chicago, an area stricken with high crime rate and gang violence. In search of a better life, he joined the Navy and eventually attended the Lawrence Merrick Drama College in 1975, where his love for acting blossomed. “Things were tough, but I had this dream to make something out of my life, make it mean something,” recalls Rabia. “That’s when I decided against all odds to get an education and do what I love doing – telling my story to inspire and bring change.”

Rabia even has an independent movie to his credit. www.ultimateproposalfilm.com  Seeking Distribution, He has worked as the Production Stage Manager and Technical Director for plays like ‘The Gospel Truth’ by Smokey Robinson and Mickey Stevenson.

Rabia Work in Steven Spielberg Movie Terminal where he apprenticeship the Famous Director for 3  Weeks… 

This play reflects the powerful story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while hinting at Rabia’s own struggles in life. This play gives a different perspective on the lives of African Americans today and in the past. 

Chicago Morgan Park Academy 2153 West 111th Street 60643 will be March 24th. through 27th. 2016 

Tickets can be bought online please visit: www.mlkplay.eventbrite.com. Group discounts are still available. 

Critics are invited to review this upcoming play “If Dr. Martin Luther King Were Alive Today”.

Contact: Rabia Louis Haynes (310) 864-4038 

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