Apollo Communication announces a revolutionary new way for sport teams and groups to communicate

4 Mar, 2016 – Apollo Communication announces a revolutionary new way for sport teams and groups to communicate. The Apollo Sports and Group Messaging systems enables coaches or coordinators to quickly communicate with athletes, parents, and volunteers in just a matter of seconds. The new messaging system is a bi-directional messaging system which can send and receive text message, make phone calls, and broadcast emails.  This is an ideal system when you have to quickly notify and get confirmation from a group of individuals, and are working with a fluid schedule.

Apollo’s sport messaging system is a cloud based service that lets you send and receive messages from any device, from anywhere, there is no software to install and provides a centralized communication list for all the coordinators.  The system assigns a unique phone number to each customer that can send and receive text messages.  The incoming messages can be sent to a distribution list, so the incoming message are sent to everyone who needs to know.  So if an athlete sends a text that they will be late all the coaches could get the message.  Outbound messages can be sent to the entire list, select individuals, just the athletes and or just the parents.

The messages can be straight notifications, or prompt messages.  Notifications message could be a simple time and date of an event, or just reminders.  The prompt messages enable recipients to interact with the phone call or text message.  If you are looking for volunteers to drive or help out just turn the phone call into a prompt message.  (i.e. “We are looking for drivers for Saturdays competition – press 1 if you can drive and press 3 if you can’t”), Within a few seconds after the message goes out, coordinators will know if who and how many people are available.

“We have a lot of road engagements and we are always looking for drivers. We never know the exact time we will be back, the system lets quickly notify all the parents, it really cuts down on the stress and confusion of managing a dance team.”
 – Amy Warner, IL

Apollo communication can accommodate groups and events of all sizes from 5 people to 10,000 people. They make messaging systems that let you get messages out to hundreds of people in just a matter of a few seconds.  The combination of Text Messages, Emails, and Phone calls ensure that when you need to get the message out, count on Apollo Communications the leader in mass notification and messaging.

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