Code N Deal (CND) announces their debut

Code N Deal announce their debut as a trustworthy platform to get coupons and vouchers for buying a wide variety of products like clothing and apparel, electronic gadgets, footwear, home decor, automotive, home, garden and other categories.

This new site is a more user-friendly site offering customers an easier and more convenient way to save money while shopping online.

The launch of is indeed a wiser addition to the ever popular online shop and save activity. The idea behind is to buy straight from the store of one’s choice the link goes straight to the merchant with a preconceived discount code and is displayed in the customer’s shopping cart. The discount is big and real, with an upgraded digital marketplace providing innovative online shopping convenience features to its consumers, is easier, organized and a more secure platform for people wanting to purchase their preferred items at  lower and more attractive prices through the exclusive coupon codes, promo codes, voucher codes and discount codes.

With its successful launch there’s a lot that can be expected from CND in establishing a stronger online presence resulting in improved consumer engagement.

The new team has helped in strengthening its position, being more responsive in reaching out to its customers’ needs and demands, now being a Coupon Aggregator Company trusted by over 175000 unique visitors every month. It is a 100% change of management with a change in the board of directors. The was previously being managed by Medlink Solutions Pvt Ltd with its head office in Canada, effective 5th October 2015 100% of the company is now managed by Global Technologies Services PTE.

The young and highly spirited new team at the believes it will add more value in terms of customer convenience and have set higher goals for their satisfaction. The new team believes that by providing a higher technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help clients leverage their brands in a better manner will establish a stronger online presence resulting in improved consumer engagement.

With 150+ keywords in top 3 positions, all attributable to consumer traffic coming from digital offers in its marketplace. The facilitates consumers across the globe by getting hundreds and thousands of digital offers from their preferred retailers and brands. Having an upgraded digital marketplace with state-of-the-art convenience features for its consumers, providing an innovative online shopping experience that’s easier, secure, more organized and one that helps in saving more through its ever popular coupon codes, voucher codes, promo codes and discount codes.

This new shift at the together with its relentless efforts to a more customer centered business strategy will further elevate the customer experience. The believes that with this change of management it will be more successful in providing a compelling opportunity to its clients, consumers and shareholders who can ascertain better growth with superior value at an expedited time-frame.

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