Unicorn Quality Announces the Release of Its New Flask Water Filter Bottle

MIDDLETOWN, DE – 7 Mar, 2016 – Unicorn Quality is pleased to announce the release of its new innovative design flask water filter bottle that blend style and function. The Unicorn Flask is a refillable water bottle with built-in Bacteria and Viruses filtration system for outdoor recreation and as a part of preparedness equipment.

The Unicorn Flask is an outstanding high quality purifying water bottle which filter up to 1,500 liters of water and removes up to 99.9 % of waterborne bacteria and protozoa like Escherichia coli, Vibrio bacteria, Leginonella bacteria, Stafylococcus aureus, Salmonella, etc. as well as heavy metals and chemicals such as lead and chlorine, thanks to filter fineness 0.2 microns. The filter also improve taste by adjusting water PH. The Flask is completely BPA Free as it is made from Tritan, an impact-resistance plastic that extends the lifespan of the Survival Leak Proof Water Bottle for many years and it contains silicone sealing at the upper part of the bottle to prevent leaking even if shaking upside down.

With the capacity of 22 fl.oz / 650 ml and weight of 270 grams / 0.6 lb, the Unicorn Flask Survival Leak Proof Water Filter Bottle with Carabiner is ideal for everyday use by hikers, outdoor adventurers, campers and people living or staying in places questionable water quality as it is a lifesaver bottle and ideal hiking gear for men and women.

The feedbacks have been positive; below is just one from a couple of reviews by customers, “This must be the greatest water filter bottle ever made. I was actually really surprised by the quality of the plastic and other components that made up this bottle. The only thing that seemed even slightly cheap was the Carabiner which is insignificant in my mind. The Carabiner would be plenty strong to hold a full bottle of water if strapped to a back pack or elsewhere,” said The Youtz, an Amazon Customer.

The Unicorn Flask Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle builds upon Unicorn Quality’s dedication to produce quality water bottle that can filter bacteria and protozoa. The Unicorn Flask Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle provides you with completely clean and drinkable water immediately including rain water, river water, well water, lake water and ground water without the usage of any external equipment. The inner layer of the Unicorn flask is odor, taste and stain resistance, so it can safely be reused over and over.

Unicorn Flask is not just portable but it comes with a lifetime warranty and also contains replacement filter. It also comes with new gift box design with bonus carabiner, making it easy to attach to the backpack.

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