Yankee Farmer’s Market Launches New Website – Allowing an Easy Way to Get High Quality Local Meats

Owners Brian and Keira Farmer do not supply mass-produced meat; instead they provide consumers with healthy, delicious, non-tampered-with meat. They want consumers to enjoy a healthy meat instead of worrying about the detrimental effects of a high-fat, high cholesterol, unhealthy main stream product and the effects of producing an un-natural, polluted, in-humane product.

The owners of Yankee Farmer’s Market are pleased to announce they have launched their new website. The website has become an important part of their business to allow consumers to see the quality selection of meat available as well as understand their mission to promote healthy, delicious, non-tampered-with meat.  This new website makes it easy to order high quality, natural meat that is raised correctly as nature intended. Ordered product will be delivered directly to your doorstep and/or can be picked up at the farm.

Yankee Farmer’s Market’s new website allows the consumer to order their Buffalo meat direct, keeping the meat fresh and reducing the overall cost. Meat that is available to purchase includes Buffalo, Beef, Pastured Pork, Free Range Chicken, Free Range Turkey, Venison, Elk, and Lamb. Consumers buying meat from Yankee Farmer’s Market know they are buying healthy meat from owners who care about the way their animals are raised.

Brian and Keira are not interested in producing mass produced meat; they want their customers to enjoy the taste and for them to know where the meat comes from. With a wide range of meat products available, which includes burgers, steaks, sausages, ribs, and so much more, Yankee Farmer’s Market has become meat lovers first choice for quality, healthy meats.

The new website (http://www.yankeefarmersmarket.com/) does not only sell quality meat, but they also provide nutrition information and recipes, as well as helping people to learn more about Buffalo meat and the way the buffalos are raised.

For people wishing to visit the shop directly, it is open six days a week. The farm is located at 360 Route 103 E, Warner, NH 03278. The site gives full details of how to get to the farm shop where customers can see in person the quality meat. A visit to the farm provides children with a fun and educational experience to see where meat comes from and how they are raised. The shop is open six days a week where customers will receive a warm welcome.

For more details on the new website and to see the wide range of quality meat available, please visit:

About Yankee Farmer’s Market

For more than twenty years, Brian and Keira have been involved in educating, producing and distributing buffalo meat. Yankee Farmer’s Market is located in beautiful Warner, New Hampshire.

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