The National Present, “He Seal Of the AIIB Open Ceremony”, Emerged Mysteriously At Diaoyutai

Advocated by China, prepared to establish together by 57 countries, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (abbreviated as AIIB) had opened for practice after over 800 days of preparation. The establishment of AIIB had symbolized that China had rise peacefully as global leading power. 

November 2015, Beijing Arts Crafts Group was assigned by Beijing Municipal Government with the mission of designing the National Present of the Open ceremony of AIIB, and once again Beijing Arts Crafts group had accomplished brilliantly, with no delay before 15th Jan 2016, 57 “AIIB He Seal” had been largesse to the central bank representative of each country.

To respond to the market demand, “AIIB He Seal” collector’s edition designed and produced by the Beijing Arts Crafts Group was officially launched at 5th March 2016, and the launching ceremony was held at Beijing Diaoyutai National Guesthouse. Leaders of the Arts Crafts Group, General Craftsman GuoMing, “China Arts and Crafts Master” WangXiwei and other leaders and professionals had attended the launching ceremony of “AIIB He Seal” collector’s edition of the open ceremony of AIIB.

The National Present of The Open Ceremony of “AIIB He seal” was carved by the team which produced the 2008 Olympic Emblem and the National Present of the 2014 APEC. The general designer of APEC National Present and the 2008 Olympic Emblem GuoMing, and “ China Arts and Crafts Master”, also who was the carving master of 2008 Olympic Emblem WangXiwei both are the leading designer of the seal. The “AIIB He Seal” collector’s edition has 4 global limited edition, which are the White Jade Seal, the Light Greenish White Jade Seal, the Jasper Seal and the Sapphire Seal.

Every “AIIB He Seal” collector’s edition weights over 740 grams, and is carved out from rare whole Nephrite. The top seal sculpt was created based upon the Han tile seal, it is hollowed-out entirely with lotus patterns on the top seal, the feature implies “tiles make home, where we live harmoniously.” Under the top seal where there carved the Taotie door rings which represents fortune and harvest. And on both side of the door rings where carved traditional Dragon patterns which indicate auspiciousness.

On the front side of the seal base, there carves “AIIB He Seal”, “Solidarity and Cooperation, Openness and inclusiveness, Seeking Development” and both English and Chinese version of “Solemnize Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank had open for practice”. On the sides of seal base, it carves both English and Chinese name of the 57 principle foundation countries. On the back side of the seal base, where carves the logo of AIIB and “Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank” in Chinese, the Seal impression is “He” in seal character.

Being as the classic memorial collection for the open ceremony of AIIB, the “AIIB He Seal” collector’s edition has blended with the brilliant craftsmanship of state level arts and crafts master and the elements representing the auspiciousness of Chinese tradition and the pragmatic essence of AIIB. It’s carved out from excellent Nephrite, therefore in all aspects, in its historic value, art value and culture value, National Present He Seal of the Open Ceremony of AIIB is indeed exceptional precious worth of collection.






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