MiniMobile LLC Launches Play through Trailer For Its New Game MINEFORCE

MiniMobile LLC has recently launched play through trailer for its first ever commercial release MINEFORCE. With the promise of a racy action, the game has the player fighting for the earth against zombies and aliens.

Pittsburgh, PA – March 07, 2016 – Pittsburgh based game developer MiniMobile LLC has reportedly launched new play through trailer for its first commercial release MINEFORCE. The trailer has already earned rave reviews from beta testers given its advanced graphics & catchy aura. The game is available to pre-order via Humble Bundle for Windows & Mac users. The Android & iOS compatible versions are to be released afterwards. With the tagline of “Save Earth from Apocalypse and Doom!” the game assures a racy action for the players & ultimate 2D thrill.

“The game commences with your hometown under the attack of an unknown army & to defeat your enemies you have to rescue the kidnapped hostages – who are locked in the cages,” explained the company manager while speaking about the game. “Players can choose between male or female avatar & will also have the option to choose his/her favorite weapons for an action-packed battle. You will have grenades to annihilate all obstacles on your way & destroy the hard-to-shoot enemies. Our planet’s future is in jeopardy and you need to fight up for its safe survival.”

The player would be fighting against zombies, animatronic spiders, ominous & evil Robot Boss, skeletons & deadly aliens for which he/she would also need to uncover the edgy alien technology. Mineforce was developed with the help of pro testers who have already worked on some esteemed game franchises. Interested gamers can preorder it immediately to get hands on it.

“I really appreciate the graphics and its better compared to most of the games around. Nice avatars & on top of that you have a solid background score. It’s a fantastic game no doubt,” read one of the quotes from a beta tester.

About MiniMobile LLC

Based in Pittsburgh, MiniMobile is a desktop & mobile games developer which was founded by Shelley Armato with her husband Dominick in 2014. Since its foundation MiniMobile has developed four games which are planned to release in 2016. Play through trailer for its first game is launched now and people can vote for this game to bring it to Steam.  

To know more about MineForce please visit the official website or contact them below.

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