Skin Research Institute Utilizes the Most Recent Breakthrough Research Findings to Formulate Rejuvlix Anti-Aging Cream

Skin Research Institute has recently revealed that their anti-aging cream Rejuvelix has been formulated based on the findings of the latest scientific research. This product helps many women look younger by eliminating the most common symptoms of aging.

Skin Research Institute’s recently launched product Rejuvelix has already started establishing itself as a skincare cream that helps women look younger by alleviating the signs of aging. The manufacturer of the product has recently revealed the secret behind the efficiency of this formulation. Skin Research Institute mentions that Rejuvelix was manufactured taking advantage of the findings of the latest anti-aging research conducted in France, Germany, and the USA.

Skin Research Institute mentions that Rejuvelix restricts aging by boosting collagen, removing the wrinkles, reducing the dark spots, and repairing/rejuvenating the skin. These properties of Rejuvelix can be attributed to a series of active, patented ingredients that have been backed heavily by the latest research.

Three of the most potent ingredients of this product are:

  • Gatuline In-Tense: This natural anti-aging ingredient is derived from the flowers of Acmella. Latest studies reveal that this ingredient is capable of reorganizing the dermis structure, leading to skin tightening and firming. Some of the immediate effects of Gatuline In-Tense are reduction/elimination of sagging and wrinkles.
  • Glucare S: This is another active ingredient available in yeast. According to the latest skincare research, Glucare S revitalizes the active defense system of the skin and enhances its natural repairing process. This ingredient is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, aging skin, and protection from the sun.
  • Trylagen: This active ingredient is proven to have a significant anti-wrinkle property. Researchers also suggest that Trylagen combines peptides and proteins to initiate a three-pronged action towards collagen to increase its production, improve its organization, and restrict its degradation.

Skin Research Institute is known for their stringent manufacturing standard, and Rejuvelix has been manufactured without using Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates. Skin Research Institute recommends using this cream twice a day for best results. It can also be applied on top of other serums and make-up. The company claims that the product instantly makes the skin firmer and eliminates the fine lines within just one week.

Highlighting the reason behind the product’s efficiency, a senior researcher from Skin Research Institute stated, “Rejuvelix’s formula has been especially designed using breakthrough advancements in skincare to provide better results more quickly. We have utilized compounds that are extensively tested and confirmed to be effective for your most prominent wrinkles and lines.” 

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About Rejuvelix:

Rejuvelix is an anti-aging product from Skin Research Institute that has been manufactured utilizing the findings of the latest research. This product has already helped many users look younger by eliminating the common symptoms of aging.

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