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“Merchant Resources, Inc. provides high-risk entities with credit card merchant accounts, and has done so for over 20 years with unbridled success.”

Merchant Resources, Inc.’s web-based portal, www.credit-card-processing.com, offers “High-Risk” merchants credit card processing accounts to accept credit cards.

If a corporate entity, either public or private, does “Forward Commitment” sales, the credit card processing industry views these business entities as high-risk. Taking a credit card payment now for a future transaction, consummated 30-days or more later, is considered a high-risk sale.

Banks, credit card processors, and credit card processing agents consider these types of “High-Risk” transactions, because the consumer pays for something, in essence, for a future receipt of goods and services. Airline tickets are an example of a high risk “Forward Commitment.”

The following types of business are considered “High-Risk” within the credit card processing industry:

  • Telemarketing both inbound/outbound
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Companies
  • Weight loss clinics
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Companies
  • Multi-level Marketing Companies (MLM)
  • Computer online sales
  • Electronic Commerce sales
  • Gun Sales

Merchant Resources, Inc. provides high-risk entities with credit card merchant accounts, and has done so for over 20 years with unbridled success. The time it usually takes, on an average, is between 14-21 days for applications to be processed and activated, if a company’s business practices are considered “High-Risk.” Low Risk entities, the processing time is much less.

If the entity is “High-Risk,” Merchant Resources, Inc., www.credit-card-processing.com, most likely can get you qualified to take credit cards. The Company’s representatives will take your application with answers to simple questions about your business practices, and take them to Merchant Resources, Inc.’s credit card processing underwriters; more time than not the applicant qualifies for an account.

Additionally Merchant Resources, Inc., with its ‘A’ Better Business Bureau rating, provides the merchant with:

  • Free terminals, software or swiper for cellularphone
  • Contactless, EMV terminals
  • No contract, no minimums, no statement or yearlyfees
  • View your statements online, 24/7 800 customerservice
  • Interchange rate, lowest in the industry
  • No yearly fees
  • Low batch fees
  • No PCI compliance Fee — Merchant Resources, Inc.pays
  • Low interchange rates
  • Free Authorize.net set-up

Merchants seeking to obtain and/or lower credit card processing fees are to visit Merchant Resources, Inc. at http://www.credit-card-processing.com and/or 1-888-895-3129 for a free no obligation quote.



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