How Eaton Compressor Has Increased American Jobs In Ohio

“Eaton Compressors endless possibilities allow opportunities for workers to get a job. With 25 workers currently, they are looking to double by the end of 2017.”
Founded almost 40 years ago, the company is going from strength to strength. That is thanks, in part, to its dedicated workforce.

Eaton Compressor is Ohio’s premier supplier of air compressors and parts. Founded almost 40 years ago, the company is going from strength to strength. That is thanks, in part, to its dedicated workforce.

Unlike many of its competitors, Eaton Compressor only hires skilled domestic workers. Other firms hire people overseas. But, Eaton is proud of the fact it only has US-based staff.

How Eaton Compressor is boosting the local economy

It’s no secret that many businesses cut costs by hiring a foreign workforce. Many companies have their production facilities abroad where labor is cheaper. As one can imagine, that spells bad news for the economy back in the United States.

Eaton Compressor is bucking the trend by keeping everything on American soil. The firm employs over 25 people and is set to take on more staff in the future. It also has a 60,000 sq. ft. factory in Englewood, near Dayton, Ohio.

With unprecedented growth, Eaton Compressor is one of Ohio’s more notable employers. They are also a company that hires people in a broad range of disciplines. Examples range from CAD engineers to iron workers and plumbers to sales and admin staff.

What makes Eaton Compressor an industry leader?

With almost 40 years of industry experience, Eaton Compressor is the go-to brand. They are a company that has a talented team of professionals. Despite the fact that their products get designed and made in the USA, Eaton has a global customer base.

The problem with many of their competitors is product quality. Because the manufacturing process takes place abroad, their products are more likely to fail. That’s because they have little control over the entire process.

At Eaton Compressor, the company believes in customer satisfaction. Every product they make, even down to the smallest part, has a thorough QA inspection. Anything that doesn’t make the grade gets rejected.

It’s that attention to detail that has made Eaton Compressor an industry leader. Another advantage of buying from Eaton Compressor is the premium customer service offered. The company thrive on customer satisfaction! Such a simple yet effective advantage has made Eaton a trusted brand, both in the U.S. and abroad.

A wide selection of products and parts on offer

The fact Eaton Compressor has such a large production facility means it can offer a vast range of items. Examples of products offered include high-quality air compressors, air tools and service parts.

Air compressors are available in a range of formats, such as piston air and rotary screw. High-horsepower industrial machines are also on offer for more demanding applications.

About Eaton Compressor

Founded in 1977, Eaton Compressor is America’s leader in air compressors. From small-scale products to large industrial machines. Eaton manufactures them from their base in Englewood near Dayton, Ohio.

With a dedicated team of 25 professionals, Eaton Compressor is also a fast-growing firm. They are one of the state’s leading employers. Plus, they are highly acclaimed both in the U.S. and abroad.

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