Indonesian Social Enterprise “Meal for a Meal” Seeks to Feed Thousands of Hungry Children

Indonesia has a population of almost 267 million, but almost 30 million people suffer from hunger.  The overwhelming poverty throughout this island nation leaves millions of children hungry with hundreds dying monthly.  This tragedy can be prevented if people were willing recognize the scope of this problem and act.  One of Indonesia’s most concerned and enterprising citizens is Rainaldo Hartanto who would like to offer meals and clean water to many of the poorest residents of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.  His idea is to create a sustainable restaurant business which offers a meal to the poor for each one that is purchased.

“Meal for a Meal” is already in pre-production. Rainaldo Hartanto has already invested $17,000 of his own money as well as $15,000 from other investors, but in order to purchase the business space and materials to begin operation, “Meal for a Meal” will require an additional $84,000.  With these funds, Hartanto can lease a building, build multiple food distribution center, rehabilitate the property, buy furniture, and market the business. This business can start distributing 2500 meals a month and hopes to increase that to 4500 per month within four months and up to 6000 meals per month in 8 month time.

To raise the funds for this important project, Rainaldo Hartanto has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped thousands of starving families, you will also receive priceless perks for your contributions including T-shirts, newsletters, gift packs, commemoration on the restaurant wall, have your name carved on the restaurant’s chairs, trips that covers your hotel expenses, private tour around Jakarta and also to attend the grand opening in Jakarta. You could even win a brand new iPad by participating in the campaign’s referral contest !

To learn more about “Meal for a Meal” or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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