New Book Profiles “The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery”

The Night New York’s Kings and Queens Were Stripped of Their Crowns

Tampa, FL – Marianne Strong Literary Agency is proud to announce Daniel Simone’s forthcoming book, TheGreat Pierre Hotel Robbery, The Night New York’s Kings and Queens Were Stripped of Their Crowns. Known for his prolific style and stories, Daniel Simone looks to introduce his followers to another one of his gems.

In 1972, eight astute bandits took under siege the famed Pierre Hotel in New York City and cleverly managed to disarm the security staff, enabling the raiders to plunder $28,000,000 from its guests’ safe deposit boxes. At that time, $28,000,000 would equate to a present value of $265,000,000, more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

According to retired FBI Agent John Simmons, Nick ‘the Cat’ Sacco, the sole surviving pirate of the headline-dominating Pierre escapade, was the most wanted jewel thief in the country, if not the world. And in collaboration with Sacco, Daniel Simone authored The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery, a Narrative Non Fiction book.

This project is the unprecedented account and never-before-publicized facts provided and detailed by one of the perpetrators of the Pierre heist. It was a brazen escapade of epic proportion that entranced the media and amused the whole nation. With life-like vividness, Simone reenacts Sacco’s version of the robbery and its murderous aftermath in a fast-reeling, dramatic style, floating in endless suspense.

About the Authors:

Author and journalist Daniel Simone has co-written autobiographies and published numerous feature stories on prominent figures in film, theater, and fiction. On August 2015, Lyons Press published The Lufthansa Heist, a book that Mr. Simone co-wrote with Henry Hill, whose life and criminal career is immortalized in the blockbuster film Goodfellas.

Nick the Cat Sacco was a jewel thief. According to FBI sources, who also collaborated with Daniel Simone in the development of The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery, Sacco was the most wanted burglar in the U.S., and had amassed more wealth than the top jewel thieves in history. Mr. Sacco is currently in the Federal Witness Protection Program for matters unrelated to the Pierre robbery.

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