The Allgood Network Launches and Kicks Off March Goodness Charity Fundraising Game

Westport, CT – The Allgood Network, an innovative charity fundraising platform, announced today that it is launching a new “March Goodness” game that will enable anyone to raise money for non-profits by having people play in the games they know and love.  Allgood Network offers anyone a simple and fun way to raise money legally around the games that peoples’ colleagues and community are currently playing.  The brackets open on Sunday, March 13 after 8 pm ET. 

“Everyone loves March Madness, but everyone will feel great embracing March Goodness.  Now, you can use the fun and excitement of sporting events to help out your favorite cause,” said Ty Bailey, founder of the Allgood Network. “We do it all for you, including running the contests, collection and donations and distributing them to the charities.”

AllGood functions as a turnkey platform that enables anyone to harness peoples’ enthusiasm for sports and pop culture.  People who want to raise money for charity on AllGood can set up a game at Play AllGood offers users a choice of any national registered 501c3 charities to select as recipients of donated funds.  Then, after offering a prize to the winner, or winners, the users can invite friends to play.  In addition to March Madness, the site is offering fundraising programs organized around the Masters Golf tournament, Academy Awards, the Kentucky Derby, Ryder Cup, Professional football games and more.

AllGood has been embraced by non-profits and schools that want to raise money in an engaging, complementary approach to standard fundraisers like bake sales, walk/runs and dinners. The site opens fundraising to a national audience and empowers advocates, such as school alumni, to invite their own personal social networks to play, support the cause, and participate from anywhere in the country. 

Businesses, from small firms to Fortune 1000 firms, can embrace AllGood to turn the “office pool” into a meaningful fundraiser and engagement tool with their favored community charity.  Individuals can leverage the platform to encourage friends to give money to a worthy cause while having fun – for instance by hosting a Kentucky Derby party but enabling everyone in attendance to donate to a cause for a chance to win a prize by playing in the game.

AllGood designs its games to be simple enough for anyone to play, and is looking forward to helping millions of people raise money through a fun, familiar and engaging platform.

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