Rietumu Bank Discloses 2000+ Offshore Banking Client’s Accounts Including Confidential And Privileged Information

Rietumu Bank, which is the first and now the leading Latvian Bank, has acquiesced to the French Government’s request to turn over documents of not only Offshore Account holders, but also those clients who are the ultimate beneficial owners of Offshore companies.

RIGA, LATVIA, July 24, 2014. Offshore Banking, by its very nature, is meant to be a confidential and privileged relationship between the client and the bank. At times, foreign governments may request to see account holders documents, but most Offshore Banks will not make such disclosures, as it undermines the very nature of their business. This was not the case with Rietumu Bank as they succumbed to requests by the French Government to divulge confidential records. They chose to comply, and put over 2,000 of their clients at risk. This was not just a list of account holders that was requested, but all bank statements, legal documentation, invoices and agreements contained in the files.

Entire boxes have been shipped and delivered to the investigating Judge, including Corporate Documentation, full bank statements, Power of Attorney, Nominee directorships agreements, Deed of Trusts, everything is there to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owner and make them pay high penalties for tax avoidance of French citizens who had a bank account with Rietumu Bank. This is one of the most flagrant violations of Secrecy Banking Protocol that been seen in a long time. The bottom line is to know the history of the firm who is handling one’s offshore banking needs.

The bank still continues to have an active presence in France with a newly inaugurated office on one of the most exclusive streets, the bank seems to be ready to not discontinue seeking to help French clients to hide their money from the ever aggressive French tax services. Rietumu Bank has even launched an online French version of it’s elegant website which seems to confirm the will of the bank to target French clients who are most probably running away from the high tax rates.

In fact, the French Government has adopted an impressive and dynamic fight against taxpayers willing to avoid paying up to 75% tax in the country. It’s understandable that with such a high tax rate, the Tax-Cops are chasing whatever can allow them to add earnings into the drowning French economy. It is not a surprise that financial institutions such as Rietumu Bank are willing to benefit from this tax exile happening in France. Latvian banks, however, seems to have been an ideal place for Russian money laundering schemes being an isolated and discrete republic within Europe, under no pressure and thanks to their soviet past and entrance into EU can afford teasing other governments attracting tax avatars to open Offshore accounts and bank remotely.

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