provides deluxe spa and skin care services to mark the first anniversary of its new clinic at McLean VA

10.03.2016 BioLux Medical Spa is in a celebration mood this March as it has crossed 5 years after opening its first treatment center in Potomac MD, while its skincare clinic at McLean VA is celebrating its first anniversary. This premier medical spa offers an array of skincare services to bring its clients the highestquality service and treatments, the latest effectiveproducts, and a beautiful fresh and spacious Spa to enjoy it all in.

If you wish to flaunt healthy looking skin that looks young and rejuvenated with silky smooth texture then visit the spa site at Biolux team of experienced estheticians will address all of your concerns, from unwanted hair, acne, brown spots, and dull/weary looking skin. An array of treatments at Biolux will help you look your best with no to minimal down time, reasonable prices, and without going “under the knife.” 

If you are in your 30s then opt for the high end treatments such as SilkPeel, Skin Rejuvenation, enzyme peels, chemical peels, Deep Pore or Microdermabrasion, in order to get rid of the skin sun damage, fine linesaround eyes or lips, and signs of hyperpigmentation. Biolux offers you a customized treatment that will clean and massage your skin, and will help maintain its collagen production (which slows down as you cross your 20s).To learn more, go to where you can view videos showing different facials, anti-aging, skin toning and acne treatments.

Those of you who are in their 40s can go for treatments like Skin Rejuvenation and Microdermabrasion which works to reverse the effects of sun damage on your skin and relieves the hyperpigmentationeffects,fine lines around the eyes, and nasolabial folds. In addition, you can also opt for laser treatments such as BBL/Forever young skin tightening which stimulates collegian growth, or laser treatments to remove wrinkles and spider veins. 

BioLux also offers many effective treatments for people in their 50’s and 60’s to help slow down and in some cases reverse or stop the signs of aging, from wrinkles, dry and sensitive skin conditions to theskin lookingdulldue to sluggish cellular turnover. BioLuxprovides different packages to prevent hormonal breakouts that induce wrinkles and improve the cell rejuvenation process. You can also go for treatments like DermaFrac procedure that allows for better absorption of topical ingredients (copper pep­tides and hyaluronic acid are must haves), as well as increases cellular communication, cell proliferation and growth. 

BioLux provides many restoration treatments to people in their 60s and above to lower the moisture loss levels, improve fine lines and wrinkles. They also perform skin care treatments to correct sagging neckline, jawline and perorial region. Plus they also help make the mid face areas like temples, cheeks and under eye areas look fuller. All treatments are FDA-approved, including the specialized laser technology. To learn more please visit the web site as BioLux staff looks forward to providing the top class services to you for many more years.

About BioLux: BioLux specializes in both face and skin aesthetic treatments approved by the FDA for people in age groups from 30s to 70s to help them look beautiful and stay confident about their appearance.

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