Cliftonvillle, Margate Will Soon be the Home of Cliffs, a Cafe, Hair Salon, Yoga and Record Store Complex

The Cliftonville community of Margate is experiencing an influx of young, hip newcomers that have reenergized this part of town both socially as well as economically. Cliftonville is ripe for regeneration and one of the most exciting new projects is Cliffs, an ambitious renovation of a majestic Victorian three-storey, 420 sq metre/4,500 sq ft building in the heart of the community. This historic and once beautiful building has been neglected and allowed to fall into near dereliction. When completed, Cliffs will serve as a lodestone for new and old residents with chic coffee shop, record store, hair salon and a yoga studio. Most importantly, Cliffs will function as a community center and gathering space for the neighborhood, offering unique community events as well as a relaxing place to work, read and listen to music. With the careful redesign, Cliffs will signal to the wider region that Margate is spearheading an economic resurgence.

While development is fully under way, this pioneering project is still seeking support from the public to help it get off the ground. When completed, there will be three spacious floors for community events, small gatherings, dining, recreation and personal enhancement. The project is headed by Kier Muddiman and Ed Warren, design and coffee enthusiasts, who recognized that Cliftonville desperately needed a cafe. They put their years of interior design expertise to work finding the perfect locale and creating an aesthetic that will be sure to attract local residents.

In order to complete this project, Kier and Ed need an additional £15,000 on top of their personal financial backing. To secure the funding, they have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and are inviting you to join them in making Margate just a bit more appealing and fun. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like hot drinks, a lifetime’s supply of coffee, pastries, tote bags, yoga classes (for up to 6 months), records, or hair styling. You also have the option of donating a cup of coffee perk to someone more unfortunate (if you don’t live in the Margate area). To learn more about Cliffs or to make a financial contribution to this historic project, please visit

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Company Name: Cliffs Margate – Coffee, Records, Yoga, Hair
Contact Person: Kier Muddiman & Ed Warren
Country: United Kingdom