The Fashion Watch Program has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Theft Proof display with 40 stylish watches with great variety.
Beautiful stylish fashion watches for all ages. This unique and exciting program helps you place fashion watches in all retail locations like c-stores, discount stores, clothing and drug stores to help them boost sales and profits. With great margins, and no shrinkage issues, this impulse product can replenish the loss of sales from high cigarettes taxes.

With 10 years of proven record and business model, we are ready to expand this unique and exciting program to the U.S. market. There has been a lot of interest from distributors and jobbers to learn how can they place this program in stores all across the country.

Beautiful, stylish, high quality fashion watches that are displayed in a unique Theft Proof display that takes up 1/2 sq feet of space on your counter and delivers more profit per sq feet than any other product in your store. The display is unique because not only it is theft proof, but customers can touch it, and feel it without being able to steal it. The store clerk has the key to open the door and give them access to the product.

1) Our distributors will have access to theft proof displays exclusively through PACE Distribution Inc. working with Mr. Checkout authorized contractors.

2) We will train you in your city (If you order more than 20 units) about the procedures and steps that you will need to implement to keep the displays spotless, how to exchange the slow moving styles, and replace non working watches with new styles that arrive monthly.

3) Since we are direct importers of the fashion watches, we have bypassed all middle men who marked up the prices to ridiculous retail. We pass on all the savings to our distributors and retail establishments. That is the reason that we can retail these watches for a low price (suggested retail price is $12.99)

4) With our program in place, consumers have much more access to these beautiful watches than ever before. We have made it very convenient for them to buy them while shopping for their milk, cigarettes and bread. No more driving to shopping malls, fighting for parking spots to buy them. And because of the low price, and high quality, our research has showed that the same customers buy more of these watches and they buy them more frequently.

5) Remember, watches are NOT for telling time anymore, they are FASHION ACCESSORIES enjoyed by ALL age groups (kids, seniors etc.)

With our unique procedures and steps in place, the watches get refreshed monthly with all new styles that arrive regularly. These procedures have been perfected in the past 10 years since we started it in Toronto, Canada. We are present in over 700 location in Ontario alone.

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