Powerful Technologies for Intelligent Voice User Interfaces | SemVox Shows New Version of ODP S3 at CeBIT 2016

At CeBIT in Hanover, Germany (14th – 18th March 2016), SemVox, the leading supplier of technology platforms for voice-based control and dialog systems, shows an exemplary embedded installation on smart glasses in an industrial context. SemVox also shows the latest version of its ontology-based dialog platform ODP S3 and the ODP Workbench – an SDK that allows SemVox’s partners and customers to autonomously and efficiently integrate intelligent voice and gesture-based control concepts.

10 Mar, 2016 – In hall 11 at booth D33 (21) of the Hanover fairgrounds, SemVox demonstrates the possibilities that ODP S3 opens up for integrators and providers of voice control and monitoring solutions not only in the field of electrical automation: An Interactive Handbook delivers visual and acoustical instructions on how to assemble a gearbox. Users can select the individual steps of the procedure via the integrated touchpad or, if they need to keep their hands on the tools, via speech, and have them explained visually and acoustically. This saves time and enhances the safety of the assembly process, reducing the rate of errors and defective products. All voice input is processed in the smart glasses, i.e. embedded, without need for an Internet connection. Connection to a local wireless network, however, facilitates further verification methods such as changing lights indicating the production status.

The SemVox technology is a wholly new option to provide relevant information to production and manufacturing processes. Thanks to this innovative platform, such a system gives users accurate access to information at any stage of the production or maintenance process. Voice control facilitates access to information by means of hands-free, intuitive and efficient interaction. Unlike with conventional handbooks, the interactive access to production knowledge also facilitates the flexible integration of videos, interactive image sequences, spoken language and various other media.

With ODP S3, SemVox covers the entire spectrum of electrical automation of production and logistics. Integrators and suppliers of voice control and monitoring solutions will find SemVox ODP S3 to be the perfect platform for all their customer projects.

Using the SemVox ODP S3 technology, voice control solutions and multimodal proactive assistance systems can be developed for a variety of use cases and application scenarios in industry, construction and manufacturing, such as production processes or maintenance procedures in production lines.

With the latest release of ODP S3, SemVox offers its customers completely new possibilities in the area of cloud-based dialog processing, with a strong focus on personalized multiuser operation. The new version boasts a centralized management of cross-session data in cloud mode, making it even more flexible and scalable than previous versions. A novel feature for the persistence and recovery of dialog states allows the user to seamlessly continue their dialog even when the Internet connection has temporary dropouts.

The ODP Workbench, the most user-friendly tool chain for the development of ODP-S3-based systems, now also features a wizard that efficiently supports the development of cloud applications.

Convince yourself of the capabilities SemVox ODP S3 and the ODP Workbench offer our customers. Please arrange an appointment with Mrs. Ziegler; just call +49 (0) 681 99191980 or write an email to ziegler@semvox.de

We’ll be happy to welcome you at stand D33 (21) in hall 11!

Find out more about SemVox and ODP S3 here: www.semvox.de and http://tiny.cc/odps3

SemVox | The Company

SemVox offers innovative solutions and technologies for voice control, mobile applications and proactive assistance in dialog systems, based on the latest AI technology. With more than 100 years of combined experience, SemVox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovations. 

SemVox is dedicated to making information come alive in an intuitive way, creating efficient, simple and intelligent control concept. Whether speech input, gesture or touchscreen control, or even a combination of several input modes – SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose the optimal input mode in any situation. 

On the basis of ODP S3,  SemVox develops interactive, multimodal and intelligent solutions for the automotive sector, smart homes, home entertainment, industry 4.0, medical technology, and mobile solutions.  ODP S3 even enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures. SemVox solutions and technologies can be integrated easily on end devices (“embedded”) or run in a cloud, making them deployable on all platforms.  

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