“Charter members of the 1st Annual Axiom Foods CEO Summit gather for an engaging discussion on truth in labeling”
CEO Nick Desai Part of Group to Reveal Truth in Labeling.

Snack it Forward CEO Nick Desai will be a part of the CEO panel discussing the truth in labeling. The summit includes CEOs from natural retailers, manufacturers, and lifestyle brands coming together to address hot topics around transparency in natural processing methods.

Los Angeles, CA – March 10, 2016 – Nick Desai, Snack it Forward CEO has been tapped by ?Axiom Foods, the largest maker of rice and pea protein ingredients in the U.S. to be part of first ?CEO Summit? (#CeoSummitByAxiom) on Saturday, March 12, 2016 during the Natural Products Expo at 3:30 pm. A peer-to-peer group of leaders from many different verticals of the naturals industry are coming together to discuss truth in labeling.

The CEO Summit is held annually when the group brings forward newsworthy topics from each channel and presents them to the press. The CEO Summit will be moderated by PhD food scientist and mainstream journalist for Bloomberg, TIME, and Newsweek, Kantha Shelke. The group will be convening at Morton’s Steakhouse in Anaheim and the press is invited to hear what they have to say. 

The charter members of the CEO Summit include leaders from natural channels such as: plant­-based lifestyle restaurant franchise; a maker of heritage brand fruit snacks distributed at Walmart; an innovative water cleanup and treatment technology; a naturally-fractioned plant protein ingredient maker; a celebrity­-worn eco couture design house; a legendary greens and superfruit powder supplement maker; an Ayurvedic topical formula used by PGA athletes; and high nutrient seed­-based snacks (that happen to be gluten­-free):

Nick Desai, CEO, Snack it Forward

Riggs Eckelberry, President & CEO, OriginClear

David Janow, CEO, Axiom Foods and Growing Naturals

Deborah Lindquist, Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture

Sylvia and JR Ortiz, Macrolife Naturals

Dan Palmer, Founder, Elan Veda

Kate Briggs, Sustainability Officer, Tender Greens

John Sheptor, CEO, Mary’s Gone Crackers (not pictured)

Mary Waldner, Founder, Mary’s Gone Crackers (not pictured)

“Let’s face it, all calories are not created equal. We firmly believe that healthy nutrition goes way beyond simple ingredients. Look, a potato is a simple ingredient but that does not make potato chips healthy. It comes down to nutritionally meaningful calories, and then finding a way to make them fun and tasty like a potato chip. This is why we are focusing our energies on the revolutionary world of pulse-based snacks.”

“As leaders of the naturals industry and never want to hear the words ‘fake’ preceding organic,” said CEO Summit organizer, David Janow. “It’s unconscionable that anyone should ever have to question the legitimacy of a natural or organic-labeled product.” He also points out, “When Prop 65 was written to protect consumers, and ambiguities in the language caused more harm than good. We are a group of business people who care deeply about the integrity of this industry and are coming together to ensure all things natural can be trusted. This is the first gathering and look forward to this organization growing and doing good.”

About the ?CEO Summit?

(?#CEOSUMMITBYAXIOM)??:? A peer-to-peer group where natural industry leaders discuss hot topics and share them with the press. The group was created because founder David Janow believes that the naturals business should be the most transparent when it comes to truth in labeling and natural processing methods.

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