Project Hindi aims at making education free and also increase employability in India

Project Hindi is India’s leading e-learning portal with an aim to make education easily available for everyone, especially those who can’t afford it and increase the rate of employability in India. The platform is completely free of cost and provides a variety of courses for the students to enroll into.

The idea of creating this project is inspired by the fact that 80 percent of engineers are stated ‘unemployable’ as per the test conducted by Aspiring Minds on National employability rate. This comes as a shock considering that a major number of students choose to become anengineer in India.

The study revealed that there was a huge gap between the skills that students were taught in their courses and the skills that are required to become a successful industry professional, that is why Project Hindi set out a mission to bridge this gap and increase the rate of employment in the country.

The owners of the project also considered the fact that a lot of students are lagging behind in acquiring the required skills due to language barriers and that is why it offers a number of technical courses in the Hindi, the official language of India. The website provides a number of useful courses such as Javascript, XML, HTML5 and VBA programming among others that help the candidate to enhance their skill set and prepare themselves for the industry.

The website also provides courses for preparing the candidate for a job interview, achieving success and dreams in life along with tutorials on creating a great CV.  All the video tutorials are created keeping in mind the comfort of the students and are made easy to understand. 

The students can learn from the tutorials with the pace they want, take a break when necessary and resume according to their convenience. The courses are optimised to be run on all kinds of devices including desktops, mobile phones and others.The students can also get in touch with the instructors to get the support they want for completing the course in a better manner.

Project Hindi aims to bring a revolution in the education field in the country by empowering students to acquire a better skill set and have a better future. More information about the same is available at

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