The Discovery House Delivers the Best Weekly News on Addiction

The Discovery House News is a weekly news source for everything and anything you need to know about addiction in America. As part of an overall strategy to create awareness and educate people about the dangers of addiction and the stigma that surrounds it, The Discovery House creates and shares daily news videos on via Facebook and Youtube.

Through their daily news, The Discovery House creates bite-sized videos that will grasp the attention of people who have struggled with an addiction to alcohol and or drugs, as well those who may not know much about it. They educate their viewers on the dangers of addiction, the stigma of the disease, and ways that we can all work together to eradicate both.The news videos are all approximately 1 minute in length and usually focus on news that will shine a light on addiction in either a positive way or encourage dialogue on a subject that so often gets swept under the rug.

One of the most beneficial things about these videos, is that many people hear about these topics for the first time through The Discovery House. The drug addiction treatment center has a process that allows them to be the first to report many of the stories that they feature and they offer a unique point of view compared to how addiction is usually portrayed through traditional media or news outlets.

Even though The Discovery House is located in sunny Southern Los Angeles, they are hyper aware of the fact that addiction is a national issue, so they focus on both large scale news stories from around the country as well as more local stories. The Discovery House helps people all over the country that are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to reach long-term recovery.

Through The Discovery House Facebook page, you can find more information on their drug addiction treatment center, recovery help, as well as how to navigate relationships and situations related to drug and alcohol abuse. They cover all aspects of addiction and treatment for addicts and loved one’s of addicts.

The Discovery House offers the best drug treatment program and they take all steps necessary to meet or exceed the requirements demanded of long-term treatment centers for addiction. When you enter substance abuse treatment at The Discovery House, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care possible at their professional facility.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, or if you have questions about their treatment facilities, call today at 1 (855) 203-7930 and the treatment specialists at The Discovery House will help you to begin your path to long-term recovery and sobriety.

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