Broward County, Florida Will Soon Be Home to a New Makerspace, an Exciting Resource for the Creatively Inclined

For many teens and adults interested in creating their own robot, 3-D design, or work of art, there are often few or no places to do so. In an effort to meet this growing demand—as well as stimulate interest in math, science and the arts—D+S Tech Labs is planning a new Makerspace for South Florida.

Bill Daniels has long been an advocate of the “Maker” culture, which facilitates the creation of electronics, hardware and artwork from basic materials. These community resources offer personnel, expertise and technical equipment to help people turn their ideas into functioning gizmos and creative art pieces. Makerspaces have been created around the country in Miami, Austin, Cincinnati and many other places, helping to fuel the budding Maker Movement.

D+S Tech Labs is ready to add a new Makerspace to Broward County, Florida, but the cost of opening a Makerspace is considerable. These community centers include laboratories with computers, specialized tools, 3-D printers, and workspaces. There are also lecture halls for workshops and community events, as well as a kitchen and recreation area. Although the price of the Ft. Lauderdale Makerspace is estimated at $60,000, it is a small price to pay to offer teens the opportunity to explore art and science and develop an identity apart from the street. Makerspaces provide a safe place to grow and mature as an intellectual through positive interactions with likeminded peers and professionals.

To raise the needed funds, D+S Tech Labs has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In return for your generous donation, you can get perks like business hour access to the Makerspace, 24/7 access, or even a year of membership privileges.

To learn more about the D+S Makerspace or to make a financial contribution to this worthwhile project, please visit

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