New IED Jammer Provides Ultimate Protection to Vehicles against Radio-Controlled IEDs

C.T.S Technology now offers the IED Jammer developed by the defense and security division of EADS that can protect vehicles from radio-controlled IEDs.

The defense and security division of EADS, Cassidian has developed a smart jamming system that ensures the protection of vehicle convoy against improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  C.T.S Technology has now this multifunctional IED Jammer in their stock for security agencies and intelligence organizations. The jammer can analyze the electromagnetic spectrum and can be used to neutralize the radio controlled bombs that are often used to blow up vehicles of police, military and other security personnel.

Convoy Protection Jammers

This is one of the advanced Convoy Protection Jammers that not only comes with a smart jamming mechanism, but also offers signal intelligence for a powerful electronic surveillance. The jamming system allows to carry out a detailed analysis of the threat and thus improves the mission planning and ensures the force protection. The spokesperson of Cassidian reveals that the jammer can effectively analyze the electromagnetic spectrum around a vehicle and can jam the radio signal that is intended to trigger the IEDs placed in the route of the convoy.

The new bomb jammer can block the communication channels operating over specific bands and spoil the plan of the insurgent groups to explode vehicles with roadside bombs. Designed with a Smart Responsive Jamming Technology, the jammer can significantly enhance the protection and can be effective for counter attack measures by security forces. It can jam signals in real-time coming from the hostile frequency band. With an improvised signal processing technology and a new digital receiver, the jammer features a lighting fast reaction time well within milliseconds.

C.T.S Technology is offering this new jammer that also employs the SMARTscout extension and provides the pictures of the battle place in an effective manner and at a relatively low cost. The jammer brings a new ray of hope for security agencies to protect their convoys from roadside bombs and IEDs that can be triggered through radio signals.

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C.T.S designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the jamming of wireless communications and unmanned aerial vehicle for the counter-terrorism, security and defense industries. The company unveiled its sophisticated anti-drone system during the recent Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition in Paris. Three years in the making, the Drone killer provides protection from both mini- and micro-sized unmanned aircraft systems. It was designed for a military customer looking to protect soldiers, convoys, and bases from the evolving threat of weaponized drones. The system has an attack capability that allows the user to disrupt the drone using jamming technology, or even hijack the controls to reroute it away from a target.

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