VehicleHistory Applauds Success Of Facial Recognition Software To Secure Driving Records

“While critics claim it violates personal privacy, Vehicle History believes anti-fraud benefits outweigh those concerns.”, a company that offers people access to public records relating to cars and driving, announced today that while there are some privacy concerns, it endorses the use of new facial recognition technology by motor vehicle departments as a good idea that should be expanded.

“The truth is that the traditional methods used by motor vehicle departments exposed the system to fraud,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a spokeswoman for Vehicle History. “People with bad driving records in one state would simply get a new license in another state. And identity theft has been rampant because it’s nearly impossible to verify that a person applying for a replacement license was who they said they were. Now that may become possible.”

The new software scans in a photo the first time a person applies for a license. Then it maps their prominent facial features, which don’t change over time. If that person tries to obtain a new license in another state, or apply for a license in another person’s name, the software matches their facial features and alerts authorities.

“This will help keep unsafe drivers off the road,” she said, “and will make it harder to steal someone’s identity by getting a driver’s license in their name. Remember, it is incredibly easy to rip someone off if you have a driver’s license in their name. It is the identity card used to open bank accounts, cash checks, and so many other sensitive transactions.”

A total of 39 states have either added the software or are in the process of adding the software, but privacy activists only became aware of it recently.

“We’ve seen people complain that it may be a privacy issue, particularly if someone is trying to hide from abusive family members,” she said. “We understand that concern. But we think reasonable privacy protections can be put in place to avoid driving records fraud while keeping potential victims safe.”

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