YouTube Live now supports live streaming multiple cameras that are viewer selectable

“The live event above hosted by PTZOptics review the latest YouTube Live feature supporting multiple user selectable cameras during a single live event.”
YouTube now supports live streaming multiple user selectable cameras. This service allows up to 6 RTMP streams to be included in a single live streaming event. This is the ideal way to allow viewers to select between multiple camera views in a single live event.

Silicon Valley, CA – YouTube Live has recently added a feature for “Add a Camera” allowing live streamers the ability to host events with 6 unique camera feeds. Essentially what this feature does is allow a live stream to include up to six RTMP video and audio feeds into a single YouTube Live event. These individual feeds are then available to be selected by live YouTube viewers.

This is a groundbreaking feature for live streaming CDNs and allows broadcasters to display various camera views of a single live streaming event. In our example broadcast hosted by PTZOptics we display one main broadcast stream from our streaming laptop running vMix. We will send another stream from a laptop using WireCast and another stream via WireCast GO on a iPhone. This demonstrates three independent live stream camera views in YouTube Live.

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This is an ideal for a number of live streaming events including: Sports, concerts, graduations and more. Here is a list of benefits to providing user switchable cameras during your next live stream.

  1. Use is in control and will most likely spend more time on your live stream
  2. You can add more viewing angles and provide more detail during important live streams
  3. This reduces the need for production and camera operators

Here are some of the cons of live streaming multiple cameras

  1. You cannot direct the users attention in the same way
  2. Each additional RTMP steam requires additional bandwidth. If you were to combine the cameras into a single RTMP feed you would only need the bandwidth required for a single stream. Each additional RTMP stream will multiply your live streams bandwidth requirements.

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