A Pratt Student’s Video on Quadruplets Surviving Foster Care Triggers an Out-Pour of Love and Support

It started with a video “Straight Outta Beverly Hills” about the Lucci quadruplets who were born and raised in Beverly Hills until they entered the foster care system on Christmas Eve at age 11. Overnight the video attracted thousands of views and an outpour of love and support after shedding light on growing up in the foster care system.

The video was shot by Jade Collins-Parnell a film student at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York, which was ranked in the U.S. News & World Report  as being one of the top 20 best colleges in the north. A triplet herself Jade met the 19 year old quadruplets Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris Lucci, growing up in Beverly Hills.

Surviving every imaginable hardship the video is a glimpse into the quadruplet’s heart wrenching story of first over coming abuse and then ending up in the foster care system at age 11. The Lucci sisters were eventually split up and spent several years in and out of various foster homes and group homes. While in the system they filled their “black plastic garbage bag” multiple times moving from one place to the next. Many times the few things they owned were lost, stolen or just left behind.

Their strength shines through in the video where viewers will find themselves rooting for them when they defy all odds and not only graduate from high school but go onto college.

Below is a link to the “Straight Outta Beverly Hills” video:

The average foster child moves an average of seven times before the age of 18.When a social worker arrives to pick up a foster child to move them to a new home; they bring a black, plastic garbage bag for the child to put his or her possessions in. In May during National Foster Care Awareness Month the Lucci Quadruplets will be launching their non-profit foundation called Case of Love. Their mission is to provide children entering foster care with a duffel bag containing brand new belongings to help ease their transition into foster care.  

For more information on the Lucci Quadruplets please visit their Facebook Fan Page at: https://www.facebook.com/thelucciquads

About Lucci Quadruplets

Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris Lucci, are quadruplets who were born and raised in Beverly Hills until they entered the foster care system.

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