Fresh Lifestyle Magazine becomes one-stop destination for lifestyle and health advice

The online magazine Fresh Lifestyle Magazine features a variety of information and articles on topics such as health, beauty, general financial matters, and books among others.Since the users can find vivid information which is useful in their professional and personal life at one place, the website is gaining steady popularity among them.

As the mission statement of the website suggests, the aim of Fresh Lifestyle Magazine is to inspire, educate and encourage men and women to explore and celebrate healthy living in all aspects of their lives and the website stands true to that. It provides well-researched articles on several topics which are useful to most of the people and helps them in achieving a better lifestyle.

The website targets all kinds of audiences whether married or unmarried, young or old and employed or college going. The reason why the website has thousands of visits every day is that people all over the world can find information and articles which interest them, simply written and explained. The users can explore the best of the website through the ‘our favorite things’ section which features the best and most popular articles which are carefully chosen by the publisher of Fresh Lifestyle Magazine based on their criteria of excellence.

Fresh Lifestyle Magazine also provides a chance to businesses offering products and services related to health and lifestyle to display themselves on the website. The business could be of thegrocery store, health food store, Yoga studios, book stores, health fairs and conferences, clothing boutique among many others. After following a certain criteria and standard, the business is allowed to present themselves to the audience which helps them attain more customers and clients. The average readers and viewers per month for the magazine are more than 50,000, due to which anumber of popular brands feature their product/service on the site and makes it convenient for the user too, to find several brands at one place and choose the best among them.

Based on a research by ‘The U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey’ on Baby Boomers and their spending habits, 70 percent of the readers are likely to purchase featured products and services on the Fresh Lifestyle Magazine. The research also suggested that the consumers are highly satisfied with the recommendations and services offered and that they will use a tip from the magazine.

Fresh Lifestyle Magazine provides a convenient platform for the readers all over the world to find easily accessible, free and valuable information which is aimed to make their daily lives better and for the businesses to reach out to potential customers at an affordable cost.

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