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AllStates Concrete Cutting on the Benefits of Union Labor

Based in Sioux falls, SD, AllStates Concrete Cutting offers decades of experience in concrete cutting and core drilling to construction contractors that know what it means to get the job done right. It isn’t enough to go in with a focus on time management although that is important, but exceeding industry standards should be a high priority no matter how large or small the job. As an employer proud of the fact that each of their workers is an active member of their respective unions and OSHA certified as well, they explain why it is so important to put union members to work on each and every job they sub-contract.

What Unions Have to Offer

According to the General Manager of All-States Concrete-Cutting, “Unions are highly misunderstood in today’s world. What most people know about unions is that they are there to protect the rights of their members. While that is true, unions serve another purpose that is highly misunderstood in today’s ‘right to work’ culture. In order to work your way up through a union from an apprentice to a master classification, a person must meet with very strict requirements.”

He goes on to explain that, “Not only is on-the-job hands-on experience necessary but actual job-related education is mandatory as well. This is why we believe in hiring union workers because they are required to know their trades inside and out before qualifying for higher pay grades. It’s something they work for very hard and should be rewarded for when it’s time to collect their pay.”

Higher Pay Is Worth the Cost

Too many employers today feel that they will increase their ROI by cutting back on wages. It is no secret that union workers can literally demand a higher rate of pay but what many people don’t realize is that along with those higher wages comes a much higher level of expertise and experience. These are the workers who actually tend to take their jobs seriously as a trade and will excel in their craft.

Not only do they need to show up on the job each and every day on time and prepared to work but they must demonstrate that they are learning their trade and keeping up with innovations within their chosen field. When asked if union workers have the right to demand higher pay, the GM replies with a great deal of emphasis, “Absolutely! We are willing to pay for what we get and when it comes to being a union member, you get a whole lot more.”

More Benefits, Less Responsibility

Even though recognize the benefits of employing union tradesmen, they don’t deny that non-union workers can also be a benefit to an employer. However, much more responsibility falls on the employer to make sure they are certified to handle their jobs and continuing to qualify each time their license comes due for renewal. As members of a union those things are monitored by the union to which they belong, saving the employer a great deal of time and effort.

When asked if they ever intend to employ non-union employees, the GM is emphatic in saying it just wouldn’t be a wise move on their part. By hiring only active union members they are ensuring the cream of the crop on each and every job they sub-contract and that’s just the way they like it.

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