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Tier4 Mattress – Washington, DC Mattress Store
Retail mattress outlet, Tier4 Mattress has released a new informational website that offers online consumers information on mattress brands, types of mattresses and content surrounding sleep/sleep issues.

Washington, District of Columbia – March 14, 2016 – Tier4 Mattress, one of the premier mattress stores in Washington D.C. has released a new organizational website. The aesthetically pleasing website is easy on the eyes and offers online consumers a faster than average load speed which makes researching mattresses online easier than ever. The dc mattress store created the website in an effort to provide more useful information on buying a mattress in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Buying a mattress online or in-person is not an easy task for consumers. This is because of the widespread confusion on what mattress types and brands are the highest quality and best investment for consumers. One central idea that the Tier4 website highlights is that name brand mattress manufacturers oftentimes create one mattress model and then license this model to hundreds of different mattress retail stores using different names. This makes comparison shopping virtually impossible for consumers. Tier4 mattress helps eliminate this confusion by focusing on providing information on the mattress manufacturer, in addition to the model. By reviewing a company’s strengths over time, consumers can better gauge what type of mattress a company produces best, helping to narrow down their selection when it comes time to buy a new mattress.

Additional disinformation about the mattress industry is how best to determine the actual dollar value of a specific mattress. This is again due to the widespread distribution of similar mattress models with different names being provided exclusively to certain name brand retailers. Typically, a unique mattress model has a very short life line in retail stores. Many mattresses are featured for less than a year before they are replaced with a newer model. Stores such as Tier4 mattress are able to offer these recently retired models at a far reduced price. This means that consumers will not be paying any inflated costs that accompany shopping at certain mattress stores.

About Tier4 Mattress:

Tier4 Mattress offers name brand, luxury mattresses at a reduced price. Inventory includes name-brand, tier 4 luxury prices at an appealing discounted price.

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