Now users have the chance to get their inspiring stories published in an international book

Andrew Vashevnik and Daria Moloksher have come up with an idea to create a book which will feature the most inspiring stories from writers around the world. To make this book a reality they have started a Kickstarter project with a goal of raising $14,360 to be used towards publishing the book in print and e-book format.

The book invites not only professional writers, but anyone who wishes to share their moving or inspiring story and get it published in the book. For those who are not very good at writing, they can send their entries in bullet or simple paragraph formats and the editing team of the project will do the rest.

The book is aimed to be a collaboration of motivating stories submitted by people all over the globe. The book will feature a collection of real stories by real people which will also help the readers to connect with it in a better way. The stories submitted by the people can be of their achievements in life, about the hurdles they faced and how they overcame it, the lessons learned throughout the journey of life and how it inspired them to lead a better life.

The story can be of a situation, a major setback or just overcoming a fear which made them a better person and brought a new perspective about life. The users can share their experiences and learning with other readers to inspire them in living a better life.  Some of the themes suggested by the project can be of rags to riches, voyage and return and a quest of what matters the most, among others.

The users can pen down the stories then get help from professional editors and copywriters. All that the writer has to do is write down the story in as much detail as possible.Through the Kickstarter project, the readers and writers both have a chance to pre-order the book in three options that are; the E-book, a soft cover book, and a limited edition hardcover book. By pledging for any of the above formats, the users can back the project and make this book a reality.

The book will consist of 300 to 400 pages comprising of both short and long stories along with unique heading, font, and appearance for each story. Apart from inviting the writers to submit their stories, the project also invites entries for suggesting thetitle of the book and designing the cover page.

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