IntelligentHQ Offers Innovative Business School Directory and Social Media Shares Tool For Businesses and Professionals

The business and technology website IntelligentHQ has announced a slew of new features aimed at providing a more comprehensive range of resources for those looking to leverage the latest innovations in business, finance, and technology. These include the release of a new online tool to measure how content is being shared across social media: Social Media Shares Tool and a Business School Directory with a Social media heat map featuring some of the top business worldwide Business Schools.

Speaking about these new features, Dinis Guarda of CEO and Founder of IntelligentHQ said: “ is a fast growing global social business and social enterprise digital platform for businesses and professionals.

The Business School Directory is an unique platform that highlight and start offering a digital ranking for the top business schools. Another innovative new feature has been the development of the IntelligentHQ Social Media Counter, a unique service that provides online authors and website proprietors the tools to monitor the popularity of their own articles, and those of their competitors, across a broad swathe of social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

This tools is part of a bigger goal to create intelligent big data visualisation tools and has been developed by IntelligentHQ’s team.

“The idea for the tool came to me when I was looking for a way to check the social media shares of content across a range of networks. I concluded that such a tool didn’t exist, so I decided to write one with IntelligentHQ team!” The tool, which gives content creators a way to understand their users and help with content creation planning, has received an excellent response from bloggers and content marketers across the web and will be further developed into an business intelligence social media platform.

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