Nash-Keller Media Explains the Purpose of Local SEO

When it comes to promoting a local brick-and-mortar business, local SEO is one of the most powerful tools a marketing firm can employ. Not only does this work to increase their client’s visibility with the major search engines but it is one of the most effective ways to drive foot traffic in the door. As experts in local SEO, Nash-Keller Media in Sioux Falls, South Dakota explains the ultimate purpose of local SEO and how it works to help their clients gain an ever-growing market share.

Knowing a Market Is Key

According to Trevor Nash-Keller, CEO and founder of Nash-Keller Media, “It is always exciting to watch local businesses thrive and grow in our own local market area. This is an aspect of marketing that has always excited me because just about any marketing firm can help drive traffic to a commercial website but not all are experts in knowing what it takes to convert that traffic. We know our market. We know our local businesses. Driving traffic to their website is just the beginning of what we have to offer. From there we show company owners and directors what it takes to convert that traffic into a sale and our track record speaks for itself.”

Local SEO Is So More Than You Think

Trevor Nash-Keller speaks with pride when he talks about the many successes his firm has enjoyed over the years. While they are a successful web development and marketing company has worked with literally hundreds of national organizations. It is always a thrill to see their efforts expand local businesses. This is, after all, their hometown and a place that is growing as a direct result of their uncanny ability to know exactly what consumers in the area are looking for at any given time in order to develop digital strategies to sell product and services. He explains that local SEO is so much more than placing a company on Google places or gaining visibility with Google.

The Ultimate Goal of Conversions

“It’s all about getting that visitor prepared to buy when they set foot in the door or hit your website. That’s SEO at its best and that’s something we have to offer that so many other marketing firms simply seem to forget. We develop each and every website from a unique perspective with that particular client’s goals in mind. There is no one-size-fits all, even in a local market and that is what makes our work so exciting. It is our task to find what it is that a prospective audience is looking for and then to develop a strategy that is focused on conversions once they click through to the site.”

Gaining Visibility Is Just the Beginning

What Nash-Keller’s CEO is referring to is the fact that just gaining visibility isn’t enough to boost sales. When visitors click through to a website it is what they find there that will either lead them to the local business or send them along on a quest for a business that has what they are looking for. By targeting a very specific audience and marketing to them with a unique design and content once they land on the site, those visitors then are inspired to make the trip to the local business. If they don’t like what they see, chances are slim that they will take the initiative to drive across town to visit that company or that retailer.

In today’s digital world, marketing is so much more than SEO. With the ease at which a consumer can quickly make purchases online, it takes a special skill to get them in the car and off to a local merchant. That is the skill that Nash-Keller Media has developed in Sioux Falls and has put to work in various markets around the country. Looking to build a larger volume of foot traffic? Let Nash-Keller Media get them in the door so your team of experts can close the deal. That’s team effort at its very best. Expert marketing and a crack sales force is a winning combination every time.

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