Local Painter Has Great Success with YouTube and Facebook Marketing for Painting Business

A local painter in Copenhagen has had great success in marketing his painting business online through YouTube and Facebook. The company, Malerfimaet Staubo is headed by local master painter, Christian Staubo and can be found in Copenhagen’s Baltic Farimagsgade.  Malerfimaet Staubo can be easily reached online in their website http://www.malerstaubo.dk and has recently expanded their online presence through YouTube and Facebook marketing.

The company is well-known not only in Baltic Farimagsgade but in whole of Copenhagen because of the studio’s full service painting by truly skilled workers. Malerfirmaet Staubo is known to be covered by a guarantee extending for five years of the Danish Painting. At the same time, they are a long time member of the Copenhagen Painters Guild which will soon turn to 400 years old. This gives Malerfirmaet Staubo the most relevant and latest knowledge related to the painting business.

The Malerfimaet Staubo is well-known in the area for being truly careful and conscientious painting business that readily provide excellent service to consumers. In every job they handle, they always emphasize agreements and make sure that the quality and satisfaction of the costumer is met and exceeded. Under the master painter Christian Staubo, it is always paramount to them that all consumers are provided with good quality and service.

In order to further improve their customer service and so that consumers can easily find quality painting service, Malerfirmaet Staubo enters YouTube and Facebook scene as well. These days, more and more people turn to the Internet in finding the smallest of things they need. Even with painting jobs, costumers mostly used the Internet and their smart devices to get the assistance they need. On that note, http://www.malerstaubo.dk makes use of YouTube and Facebook to reach out to their customers.

This proves to be successful as they successfully increased their sales and conversion by marketing their services on YouTube and Facebook. Malerfirmaet Staubo was able to bring it closer to the customers, the great passion they have for the painting service they offer. What Malerfrimaet Staubo simply wants is to be the first place that customers in Copenhagen will go to whenever they need quality service, no matter how small the painting job is.

Malerfirmaet Staubo services apply to all types of tasks whether it is on the largest facilities of established corporations or even to the smallest task for private costumers. They always value strong virtue as well as good network with other artisans in the industry. They believe that having harmonious relationship with fellow artisans as well as with customers is the way to success.

With the studio’s successful marketing through YouTube and Facebook, Malerfirmaet Staubo was able to successfully form a relationship with their customers and increase their prospects. This proves to be a great way towards the success of the company and into fulfilling the service they aim to provide to their customers all over Copenhagen, this for both private and corporate customers.

To know more about Malerfirmaet Staubo, please visit http://www.malerstaubo.dk

Media Contact
Company Name: Malerfirmaet Staubo
Contact Person: Christian Staubo
Email: kontakt@malerstaubo.dk
Phone: +45 28 30 78 50
Address:Oester Farimagsgade 16 B
City: Koebenhavn
Country: Denmark
Website: http://www.malerstaubo.dk