Fierella Color Burst Crack 3 3 3 Sets LED Chameleon Professional Gaming Mouse and Keyboard, Ultra Hui Storm Struck

Ultra Hui Storm Struck is the new computer games peripheral product offered by Fierella on Amazon that comprises of an LED gaming keyboard and a mouse set.

For video gaming enthusiasts, Fierella brings yet another computer game peripheral product for an all-engrossing gaming experience. The new product, Ultra Hui Storm Struck, is now available on Amazon, which comprises of an LED gaming keyboard and a mouse set. The spokesperson of Fierella reveals that this productis a 3-set combo with a waterproof 3D crack LED Keyboard, a 6 key 1600dpi black mouse and a long size mouse pad.

According to the spokesperson, this new product will redefine the gaming experience and will bring more joy and excitement for the gamers. With 107 keys, the keyboard features a smooth surface finishing that adds up to the speed and enhances the gaming performance. With a keystroke life of up to 600,000 times, it offers a smooth feel, and the leather-grain-style keyboard side has smoother lines and texture and also detail-oriented layers. It has the Chroma backlight with 16.8 million customizable color options.

gaming keyboard and mouse set

Moreover, the gaming keyboard and mouse set has3-color grade with its 3 LED lamp design, where each color has its own significance. The unparalleled color red represents the strength, blue brings an undefeated tough feeling to beat the opponent and purple enables a gamer to feel noble and easy enough to help overcome all difficulties in the game.

Besides the versatile Gaming keyboard, Ultra Hui Storm Struck brings a professional adjustable 2000DPI mouse for a gamer to score high in a game. The oversized mouse pad reduces the friction of the palm against the table to fully protect a player’s hand and allowing a better and quick mouse movement.

Fiorella gaming keyboards are backed by a 365 days lifetime warranty and they are offering some discounts as well at the same time. Fierella brand gamers will receive 20%-30% discount on 100 sets of the product in order to organize group gaming activities. Moreover, players who will leave a 5-star comment on Amazon will also be eligible to receive a $5 gift card from Fiorella.

According to the company spokesperson, they have several types of freebies and goodies for video gamers to purchase Ultra Hui Storm Struck on Amazon.

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