The StereoClip Offers a Fashionable Way to Secure Earphone Wires

If you have ever used an iPod or wired earphones with your cell phone while running, biking or driving, you know that the bouncing wire can quickly become an annoyance. The dangling wire can easily snag on your arms, bike or clothes leading to difficulty drinking a beverage, answering a call or managing a child. Luckily, there is a solution: The StereoClip. This elegantly designed product uses two plastic clips to secure the earphone cable to your sleeve, collar or pocket, eliminating any possible distraction. By using both StereoClips in tandem, you can ensure that any headphone cables remain taut and secure, and prevent your precious electronic device from bouncing out of your pocketor your earphones falling on the ground.

Constructed from high quality injection molded plastic, The StereoClip has a slot specifically designed to insert the headphone cable. Available in silver, white or black, and designed for years of durability. Each StereoClip is beautifully designed and imprinted with the company logo, inspiring your friends to ask where you got such stylish products. Each pair of clips weighs only 8 grams, so you quickly forget you are even wearing them.

StereoClips will soon be a must-have item for joggers, bikers and busy professionals, but you can get them before they are available to the general public. The StereoClip team is now offering them through a limited time Indiegogo campaign. You can order your collection of two sets, five sets, ten sets or 15 sets, at steep discounts up to 40 percent off the retail price. By supporting this campaign, you will also be helping the team complete manufacturing, marketing, design and distribution of this amazing product.

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Company Name: StereoClip: Your tiny earphones assistant
Contact Person: Vladimir Vladimirov
Country: United States