Health-Pro Realty Group Specialty in Medical and Dental Real Estate Highlighted on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with President Charles Feitel and Marketing Director Sherry Feitel of Healthy-Pro Realty Group.
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(Los Angeles, CA – -March 16, 2016) – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland announces an exclusive feature on Health-Pro Realty Group, a company providing assistance for medical and dental real estate. During the story, Kathy Ireland interviewed President Charles Feitel and Marketing Director Sherry Feitel.

Mr. Feitel started by discussing how their firm successful helps only the single demographic of medical and dental professionals and not all commercial real estate businesses. He said, “We decided when we founded our company 20 years ago that we would specialize on a very unique niche. There are other brokers in the country that do a little medical or dental but they also do many other things. Where they specialize by product type like industrial or retail, we only work with doctors and dentists. That is our sub-specialty like doctors and dentists have specialties. We don’t know as much about medicine or dentistry as they do but we clearly know more about their profession than anybody else in our profession which really allows us to help them with their needs.”

During the interview, he also talks about how his company helps dental and medical professionals save money with real estate through their firm.

Vice President of Programming, JL Haber added, “It’s wonderful that there is a real estate firm that is dedicated to getting medical and dental offices the space that they need, so doctors can stay focused on what they do best.”

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