Full Automatic Laminating Machines Now Available for Laminating a Variety of Materials

Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd brings fully automatic laminating machines with PLC control systems that are easy to operate and achieve high quality lamination on a variety of material surfaces.

In several industries, the lamination of fabrics, foam, fleece, films and other materials is an important part of the manufacturing process. For all such industries, China based Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Company now introduces high quality and easy to use laminating machines. They have different kinds of laminating machines with a wide range of applications.

The company introduces the Hot Melt Laminating Machine that is ideal for carrying out solventless lamination in an environment-friendly manner. The CE certified machine comes fitted with the PLC system that makes it easy to operate and achieve high quality lamination in an effortless manner. This machine can be used for laminating artificial leather, PU, PVC, PU foam, shoe materials, TPU films and other kinds of fabrics. The machine can automatically adjust itself on the basis of different fabrics that need to be laminated. It can laminate to different depths, based on the fabric and the glue amount.

Film and Fabric Laminating Machine

They also have the full automatic Film and Fabric Laminating Machine that is appropriate for laminating a variety of woven and knitted fabrics, including fleece, foam and velvet. The machine can be used for solvent based lamination and it evenly transfers the glue on the material surface for a smooth lamination. The resulting laminated material is soft and waterproof and can have a variety of applications in the industry. The machine comes with an efficient cooling device that enhances the lamination effect.

Besides offering a great range of laminating machines, the company also specializes in providing cutting machines. The Auto Feeding Cutting Machine they have is energy saving and provides a fast cutting of a variety of nonmetal materials. With a PLC control system and a high-end technology, the machine is easy to operate and offers precise cutting results. The double side auto feeding allows repeated feeding for a smooth and flawless cutting of materials. The double side feeding speeds up the cutting task and saves both time and space.

To learn more about their laminating machines or cutting machines, one can visit the website www.kuntaigroup.com.cn

About Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd

Kuntai Group has been dedicated to the production and R&D of Laminating Machines and Cutting Machines for over three decades. As an industry leader, they continuously provide innovative and practical solutions to customers around the world in industries, such as textile, leather, footwear, automotive interiors, sports goods, packaging industry and so on. All employees of the company adhere to customer-centric service philosophy, which wins the trust of worldwide customers. The company serves clients as their best partner for both standard products and customized high-end solutions.

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