Rasdale Stamp Company Directs Focus to Collection Consignment

Rasdale Stamp Company is directing efforts towards consignment, which means they place sellers stamps, coins, or other collections into their auction, with guidance on valuing items and maximizing their sale amount.

Rasdale Stamp Company is channeling considerable efforts into consignment for stamp, coin, and other valuable collections. They say this avenue of selling is becoming more popular and people are searching out companies to best help them unload collections for as much as possible. These consignment services include researching, valuing and selling the chosen collection for the customer. Whether a customer has acquired the stamps or coins themselves or received them through an inheritance, Rasdale helps offer guidance to the consignee to maximize the collection’s value. Rasdale Stamp Company is a third generation business, assisting both collectors and non-collectors to receive a fair market value for their stamps, coins, and other collectable memorabilia.

Stamp collecting has become more popular in recent years. The main reason is that the number of wealthy people in the world has grown. The average number of billionaires alone has increased by over four hundred from last year. This means that higher premiums are paid for the most covetable items over those that are merely good. Things such as famous works of art, the finest wines, and rare stamps are just some examples of those. One estimate suggests that really rare stamps have increased in value by 11% yearly for the past forty years. In the meantime, the value of good, but not outstanding, collections have declined.

Economical factors is only one reason people are collecting more than they used to. People collect stamps and coins for all sorts of reasons. To sink money into a lucrative collection will increase price value and create an asset. This is popular as a gift to pass down to future generations. Then there’s the fact that collectors like finding people with similar interests. Studying stamps can also help collectors to learn about different cultures. Lastly, very rare stamps and coins often hold not only scarcity value but fascinating histories, too.

The Rasdale Stamp Company understands and appreciates these reasons, and have dedicated over eighty years helping clientele place an accurate value on their collections. They also offer online auction services which allow the buyer to bid on stamp and coin collections without having to be physically present at the auction house. Over the past few years, many companies in a variety of industries have started using online auctions. Collectors from around the world don’t have to be on the gallery floor in order to compete on items they have been looking for. Taking advantage of new developments in technology, online auctions have significantly changed the way many companies conduct their purchasing. For buyers, the primary benefits include reduced purchase price, increased market efficiency, higher procurement process efficiency, and access to a larger supplier base. To effectively utilize online auctions, the Rasdale Stamp Company must consider the nature of product, nature of market, and the nature of buyer-supplier relationship, something they are reputed to excel at.

Their website, http://www.rasdalestamps.com, has in-depth information and online forms to help sellers contact Rasdale for consignment of their collection.

Convenience is the biggest advantage to buying and selling online, allowing the buyer to find virtually any product they want. Another advantage Rasdale provides is the low prices of many items on their auction sites, which gives collectors the opportunity to expand and to save money. Between selling stamp collections and online auctions, the Rasdale Stamp Company remains fully ensconced in the philatelic world.

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