Alexander Scourby To Be The Voice Of The YouBible App

Alexander Scourby’s one of a kind voice will be the voice to read all scripture on the YouBible App, an app announced to be the ultimate Bible companion. After initial purchase and download, it allows reading, lesson plans, and daily devotionals to occur anytime & place, without an internet connection.

Alexander Scourby announced to be the voice of the YouBible App, an app that provides all scripture needs, and is touted to be the newest way to access the oldest book. The app can be used on any device, at all times of day or night. One of the things that makes this app unique is that the text and audio are synced together and while the text is being read, it is highlighted in yellow. The app auto advances, making it hands-free, so the user won’t need assistance. The app offers a daily Bible reading plan that allows the user to read the entire Bible in twelve, nine, six, or three months. It also offers a sleep timer so the user can create a favorites playlist and listen to it while falling asleep, confident that the app will turn off after the allotted set time.

The Scourby full search engine allows the app to search by book, chapter, verse, or word. Bible maps show regional maps during the times of David, Solomon, Jesus and Paul. The maps show an area to be established for the Twelve Tribes of Canaan, where Jesus traveled, Paul’s journeys and more. The app has customizable settings, allowing the user to easily change font size and font type, day and night mode setting, select Bible reading plan, and turn on and off red lettering for Jesus’ Words. The help file gives complete details on how to operate all features, making the app easy to operate for all ages. It also offers videos about the story of King James.

Litchfield Associates is the copyright owner for the Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Bible. Neva, Inc. was the first to sell cassette tapes of KJV New Testament narrated by Alexander Scourby in 1981. In 1984, the company entered into exclusive recording and distribution agreements with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and Alexander Scourby. Then in 1991, Litchfield Associates purchased all rights from the estate of Alexander Scourby, including all narrations that Alexander Scourby ever recorded of the King James Bible. Apps then became popular in 2007 when Apple introduced the first smart phone. Application software began appearing for all needs and purposes. In 2008, Litchfield Associates was the first to create a Bible app to run on smart phones. Since that time the YouBible App has been updated often with many new features.

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For users wanting to download the app, they will have to check their device to make sure they have about 1 gig of space. The reason so much space is needed is largely due to the audio files. But the convenient aspect of the app is that the user won’t be online and doesn’t need an internet connection while using the app, allowing reading to occur anywhere at any time. This app gives modern convenience to today’s generation of scripture readers and Christians across the globe.

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