Merry Clinic Sheds Lights On Its Skin Treatments

17 Mar, 2016 – The skin that we live in tell us tales about our lives, its appearance provides us with knowledge whether our internal systems work harmoniously or otherwise. The body’s state of affairs must be in a regulated state of balance that it is able to perform its tasks. In certain situations, when one portion of the body is at unease, its toll is borne by the remainder, rendering it temporarily incapable. It is unwise to wear oneself out to such a level that toxins develop without seeking proper attention to alleviate unwanted biological aberrations, lest they rise up to the surface of the skin as blemishes. Therefore, what the apple is to the doctor as traditional medicine is to expensive skin specialists.

Throughout time immemorial, humans have been endowed by gifts of the earth in form of herbs that are rapid acting than most manufactured medicines. Therefore, reputed and licensed acupuncturists and herbalist Dr. Merry Manqun Li with an extensive research spanning two decades on nutrition, especially focusing on vita nutrients has devoted time of life to the study and apply traditional methods to treat implications of the skin.

Vita Nutrient supplements developed by Dr. Li provide protection from a vast array of skin diseases that are as follows.

Natural Eczema

Categorized by lack of water content to replenish skin cells, its roughness and dryness leads to flakes or even blisters possibly due to bacterial infections, Dr. Li’s revolutionary EcDermaid Capsules with the Skin Detox Supplements for Eczema Treatment are a herbal remedy to combat moderate to severe eczema containing up to sixteen different natural herbs in accurate proportions to reduce itching, improve blood flow by detoxifying your body against allergens and pollutants that unbalance nutrients supporting skin health.


A chronic skin condition characterized by redness coupled with the dilation of small dilated blood vessels that may leave permanent marks. Traditional Chinese Medicine denotes cure by relieving excessive heat from the lungs, liver and stomach in order to detoxify skin deep whereas external cream treatment of Rosacea alone may not be sufficient.  Specialized medicine developed within the United States, Acneed, provided in accordance with sea salt soap with consultations provides lasting relief and definite results.


When portions of skin lose pigments and discoloration occurs, Vitilax Skin Oil and GMP certified medication provide relief by considerably reducing the size and number of patches. The secret lies within the fourteen herbs, part of the Vitilax herbal formula.


Red, itchy and scaly, triggered by the abnormal growth of the skin, treated with the aid of Psoriaid Herbal Tablet containing a combination of thirteen herbs balance the auto immune system along with detoxifying the body of agents that cause abnormal skin growth.

Consultation for each issue can be achieved online at or dial 1-888-880-1499 to visit Dr. Li either at the Sunnyvale or San Bruno clinic where over 50,000 patients have been served well till date.

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