Now Streaming Live: Cinsay Offers the World’s Only Transactional Video Player Featuring Live Streaming and a Patented Ecommerce Experience That is Second To None

DALLAS, TX – 17 Mar, 2016 – Cinsay, the world leader in transactional videos, has added live streaming capability to the company’s widely acclaimed multi-patented in-video transactional player, it was announced today by Christian Briggs, President and CEO.  At the heart of the Cinsay transactional video player is its capability to present video content of all kinds, aimed at marketing products and services for businesses large and small, while simultaneously – and without interruption to the video presentation – allowing viewers to make purchases with a fully integrated Ecommerce experience.  The result is a “soup to nuts” marketing and Ecommerce solution that is working for small-and-mid-sized businesses from multi-level marketing and entertainment to insurance agents and health care providers.  The additional of live streaming video capability means that a Cinsay customer can effectively “broadcast” live content over the internet and conduct sales just like a TV shopping channel, only in this case the “TV channel” is contained within a transactional video player that can be shared unlimitedly through social media.

“This is an extremely exciting time for online commerce, with major online retailers showing no signs of slowing down in their quest to dominate the marketplace,” said Briggs.  “What we have developed is unprecedented for small and medium-sized businesses; an affordable and effective way to reach consumers wherever they may be accessing social media, with compelling video content that encourages viewers to place orders without ever leaving the Cinsay video player.  And now, with live streaming, savvy retailers and service providers are broadcasting in real time, for an even better and far-reaching Ecommerce experience.”

An example of Cinsay’s live streaming video service in action can be found at  Each Saturday from 6 to 7 pm (CST), Dr. Brian Smith can be heard live on Austin, TX Talk 1370 radio station, where his one-hour show focuses on health and wellness, with guests who are experts in   But, thanks to Cinsay’s live streaming video capability, Dr. Smith now can also be seen live, each Friday from 1 to 2 pm, CST.  And during each live streaming broadcast, viewers can access Dr. Smith’s online store – without ever stopping or leaving the live broadcast – to purchase the products and services offered.

For complete information on live streaming utilizing the Cinsay Transactional Video Player, visit the Cinsay University support site (, where Cinsay users can learn about and incorporate the best way to give viewers a faster and more intuitive online experience as they Watch. Shop. Share.™ the player on the web, mobile and social network sites.

Cinsay, the world leader in shoppable videos, continues to improve the world’s first multi-patented in-video transactional player. Building and deploying new features and enhancements based on user feedback and customer success stories from all over the world, the newly designed Cinsay player and constantly updated backend technology makes the Cinsay solution a uniquely successful marketing tool that can be deployed via social media, allowing for unprecedented reach with the fully portable video store that allows merchants to reach consumers around the world.

Austin-based Cinsay has created the first multi-patented social ecommerce, consumer interactive, video-based platform for any size business. Cinsay’s syndicatable video platform enables anyone to sell products, services, generate leads, display printable coupons, and take donations or political contributions all inside its multi-patented video player. Along with being the premiere video commerce provider for small and medium businesses.

Forbes named Cinsay one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” while eTail Conferences named Cinsay a “Rising Star in innovation” for 2012. Red Herring also selected Cinsay for the “Top 100 Companies in North America” for 2014. Cinsay’s eCommerce video-based platform can be used for any individual or business.

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One or more of the following patents may protect Cinsay’s software, systems, and/or services. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,415; 7,987,098; 8,312,486; 8,533,753; 8,549,555; 8,769,053; 8,782,690; 8,813,132; 8,893,173; 9,113,214, and 9,210,472.

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