Melli-Cow 12M+ Toddler Milk Finds Its Way to the Market: Package Design to Be Unveiled on 16th March

MullerMoo’s new series of toddler milk, christened as Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk, is a packaged milk formula specially designed for toddlers. The product will finally be launched on 16th of March.

Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk, which was a much-anticipated product within the MullerMoo brand, is finally all set to hit the market in June this year. The dairy product manufacturers, the MullerMoo brand will officially launch the package design on 16th of March. According to the owners, the milk is available in both 600g carton and 900g tin containers. The formula is said to best for toddlers from the age of 12 months and that it has all the nutritional benefits toddlers need to be endowed with.

“For newborns, breast milk has no better alternative. However, toddlers need to get the right daily dose of nutrients so they can grow up and develop immunity against most common diseases and infections. MullerMoo toddler milk is processed, prepared and packaged in Kendal, UK. With 50 years of experience in manufacturing baby products that we ride on, we can safely claim that the new baby product is revolutionary in many aspects,” said a chief executive of the MullerMoo brand during an informal press meet.

The owners of the MullerMoo brand informed that fresh whole milk has been used in making the packaged baby milk and spray drying process has been used for minimising bacteria while retaining the essential nutrients.

“Spray drying helps in keeping the milk powder fresh and consumable. It also makes the milk powder easily soluble, which helps in quick mixing and feeding. Besides, the toddlers can also digest the nutrients easily for the high solubility of the milk powder,” added the executive.

The marketing head of the MullerMoo brand recently met the press at their China office and said that they have designed the package of the Mello-cow 12M+ milk formula in a way that would attract the toddlers.

“A little cow named Melli has been chosen as the mascot, and most befittingly so. The full packaging will be revealed on March 16th ,” he said to the press. Though he did not disclose much about the package colour scheme, he said that light and basic colour scheme has been chosen.

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