First Look of Melli-Cow 12M+ Toddler Milk Product Package to Be Unveiled on March 16th

MullerMoo is a renowned English brand for pharmaceutical and baby products. Recently, the company announced that the latest baby product, Melli-Cow 12M+ would be officially launched in March.

Long before its actual launch, Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk product gets introduced to a small gathering of journalists, nutritionists and business people in mid-March this year. More precisely, MullerMoo, the brand from London, UK, is going to unveil the package of the baby product. On behalf of the MullerMoo brand, it has been confirmed that March 16 has been chosen as the date for introducing the brand to the press and to a small group of investors and exporters. They also added that the actual product will hot departmental stores and health stores somewhere in June this year.

MullerMoo’s Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk, as claimed by the owners, is ideal for toddlers aged from 12 months onwards.

“The Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so everything toddlers need for their physical and cognitive growth. It is our great pleasure that the product is finally going to see the light of the day. We believe that the launch of the package would create a stir among potential investors, dealers, distributors and buyers”, said a senior researcher associated with Melli-Cow 12M+, who later confirmed that the key ingredient of the milk powder is only whole fresh milk. “Theres no better alternative to breast milk,” he added.

The packaging of the Melli-Cow 12M+ formula is going to be revealed on 16th March. As of now, it has been confirmed by the company that only two container types will be launched in June, initially. “The milk will be packaged in 600 gram carton and also 900 gram tin containers. Based on response from the market, we will bring more options to our buyers,” said a marketing executive.

“We have carefully chosen the brand colours.Melli the cow can be seen sitting on grassland, while the sun is setting at the back, a perfect depiction of English plush meadows where cows graze,” added the marketing executive. She also said that all their future marketing endeavours would revolve around Melli the cow, the mascot for the brand.

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MullerMoo is a UK based baby food brand.

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