Melli-Cow 12M+ Toddler Milk Package All Set for First Public Appearance on March 16th

This summer, Melli Cow is seemingly going to be a household name in homes that have toddlers. The Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk packaging is to be unveiled in March and the product will be launched in mid-June.

Melli-Cow 12M+, a toddler milk product that is slotted for market launch in June this year, makes its way into the investor’s and journalist’s world this March. On behalf of MullerMoo, it has been announced in a recent release that the packaging for the baby product will be unveiled on the 16th of March, which is a few days later. The brand’s owners, however, added that the product is not yet ready to be commercially launched as they are in final stages of pre-launch promotion. They maintained that Melli-Cow 12M+ will finally hit the market in mid-June.

“We are first launching the package, then the product, with three a months gap in between. This is because we want to show prospective investors, journalists, stakeholders within the company and all other concerned people just how beautiful the packaging is. The glowing sun is setting at the back, while the cute, little Melli cow is sitting at the fore. We have created this mascot keeping in mind the kids and toddlers, who will definitely like the packaging, just like their parents,” said a senior executive of MullerMoo during a recent press conference.

The owners also said that they are presently setting the website so that people can directly order the product from their online store. “We are not seeing over the counter selling as an option right now, but we will definitely bring the product in stores sometime later,” said a marketing manager. “After the website went up and running, people can just visit our website to order our products. We think buying online is the most convenient option for parents as they do not have to the extra legwork for reaching their nearest departmental stores,” he added.

MullerMoo Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk is expected to hit the market sometime in June. When asked about why they are taking a three-months pause, the owners of MullerMoo expressed that they want to utilise the time for marketing and promotional activities. They confirmed that Melli the Cow will remain the mascot of the brand.

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